10 Things You'd Find in a Very Pinoy House

Home is where the tabo is!


(SPOT.ph) We’re not saying you’re not Pinoy if you don’t have an enormous wooden fork and spoon set hanging from your kitchen-slash-dining area. We’re just saying that if you do have one, you’re an honorary Filipino even if you are genetically (or whatever else) not.


Here are 10 more things that make a home quite decidedly Pinoy (aside from the cans of delata, for nobody knows what to cook...which may or may not be found near that drawer of plastic cutlery you never can bring yourself to throw away).



1. Tabo

...and timba, of course. Kindly never refer to the mighty tabo as a dipper or a bidet counterpart. It’s a multipurpose water vessel. Only we understand its true power as a cleanser.



Photo from www.multiplemayhemmamma.com


2. Plastic wrap on furniture

Keep it new for as long as possible (for higher re-sale value). Make everything as squeaky as possible!


Photo from www.philfoodtrade.com


3. Walis-tambo

No invention in the art of cleaning the floor will ever replace the walis. Especially the ones from Baguio. Are we right or are we right?


watch now


4. Bunot

...and what do you do after you sweep with the walis? Polish the floor with a bunot, what else? Where’s the Starwax floor wax?



5. Panghilod

After cleaning the house, the next logical step is to take a shower ("shower" with the tabo) with a rock. A very special stone, picked for having these three important attributes: "small enough to be hand-held; a naturally polished or smoothened surface; and flat or oblate in shape."



6. You have a Santo Niño...next to Buddha

This may vary, but in sum: Catholic relic right next to something that brings good Feng Shui. We’re Latinasians.


Photo from istoryangdivisoria.wordpress.com


7. Burloloy (See also: Abubot)

Figurines. Souvenirs. Framed photos. Sometimes there’s a shelf with glass doors dedicated to this, so visitors can see just how many weddings your family has collectively attended.


Photo from www.rattanaprima.com


8. Rattan or bamboo furniture

Although, to be honest, Kenneth Cobonpue has taken this to impossibly sosyal levels. If not this, there’s the "sala set" made of narra.


Photo from retiringtothephilippines.com


9. Dirty kitchen

Where all the dirty cooking is done. And by dirty we mean "real."



Photo from www.mysticstitch.com


10. Last Supper

The Way and the Light blesses the meals, by way of knockoff Da Vinci...or, if someone in the house is really patient, a cross-stitch replica.

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