Coolest Offices in Manila: Revolver Studios

Downtown chic mixes with easy sophistication in this casual, creative office.


( On Friday nights, the Revolver office gets a lot of cold calls from partygoers at BGC's Fort Strip. "They ask how much it [would cost] to get a table or if we accept reservations," says Joel Laude, who’s an executive producer. And it is by no means anyone's fault-it's easy to mistake the space, with its floor-to-ceiling glass panels, club chairs, and black brick walls for a bar. Situated at the heart of the Fort's bar-happy district, the agency responsible for umbrella company Revolucion Media Group's TV commercials looks right at home.




With a large signboard displaying the Revolver name spelled out in light bulbs, people from three floors down, roaming the bustling square and parking lots can spot the office from a mile away. From the outside, one catches a glimpse of its posh, paneled walls and elegant wainscoting, its clean wood ceilings, and cushy, luxe furniture.




Having a spacious lounge area is key for Revolver. The office operates with about 15 people on staff who are constantly receiving guests-directors looking to step away from their cloistered home agencies, clients coming in for a meeting or two, or in-house folk who want to work (or grab a late-night drink) in front of the TV. The set-up veers directly away from anyone's idea of an office and heads straight into more social territory.


A conflagration of dropped light bulbs hang on top of the all-important bar-the centerpiece of most long nights spent at work, and also where most people at Revolver like to grab a bite or hold a casual meeting.




Moving in past the bar and the TV is a more formal dining area, which can also easily be mistaken for one of BGC's many swanky restaurants. Still maintaining the same visual cue of bare bulbs dropped form the ceiling, the area's key piece is a massive wooden dining table, surrounded by high-backed velvet chairs. "We hold meetings or have meals here," explains Joel, who adds that the space has a casual feel despite its sophisticated aesthetic.





Individual occasional seating is scattered about everywhere, ready to receive guests. The space, while open, is well thought out. Décor is scattered about to accommodate the functional needs of the office. Everything is comfortable and cushy, providing both Revolver's staff and guests a perfect cocoon in which to work.




Beneath the brick walls of the main lounge are two editing suites, where much of the technical work done by Revolver happens. Acoustically fitted, with the same plush décor seen in the main spaces, the rooms have enough storage to fit rows upon rows of hard drives and hardware, but are comfortable enough to keep everyone up and at their work well into the night. Neo-Baroque furniture pieces keep the room soft and sophisticated, while the modern color palette reins in the maximalist aesthetic.




Revolver also has a conference room situated right by its dining area. The private room holds two chalkboard walls perfect for brainstorming, as well as a collection of chairs that are, again, restaurant worthy. An interesting feature are the drop lights that look like they’re straight out of a sci-fi fantasy.




Farther away from Revolver's frequently visited areas are more private rooms-including one that is being fitted for the in-house directors, another for administrative staff, and another for the GM. These private quarters take a different air from the main space. Decked in beautiful eggshell-beige walls covered in two shades of vinyl appliques of stylized trees, the rooms are light and airy and provide a refreshing break from the heavy blacks of the main space.


Revolver provides a lovely sophisticated space for creative work. It is not overreaching in terms of aesthetic-it rings true of gritty downtown and modern refinement. It's no wonder that even people who don't work at Revolver flock to the space and want to be there.


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