This dog knows how you feel

Oh no, here come the feels

Spotted on Sunday Style


( Hey, Spotters. We interrupt your daily drama to bring you this dog. Because this dog knows how you feel, especially if:


1. You’re already stressed out and it’s only Tuesday.

2. Also, you have a huge deadline breathing down your neck.


3. Physical ails are impairing your productivity.


4. One of the 10 People You Meet in an Office who make the hours seem longer is right next to you.


5. You had an accidental ex sighting.

6. "I’m hungry but everything is so faaaaar."


7. You just got dumped with more paperwork to do every. Single. Month. Until you die.

8. "The Internet is so slooooow."


9. Damn traffic. HAY.

10. Everything feels wrong and you just really need a hug.


There, there.

Tell us your #feels!

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