Pop Quiz: What delayed the MRT at Cubao station last night?

Hint: A very specific human error


(SPOT.ph) Old trains? Bad transmission? Former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo? None of the above. If you went ahead and thought out of the box and said "trash on the power line" (it has happened before), you would be pretty close...but not as close as the passengers who bumped into each other and caused a scene. The correct answer, dear Spotters, is a fight.



Check out 3-way catfight stops MRT at Inquirer.net


A report by Dennis Maliwanag for the Philippine Daily Inquirer has an accompanying video of three female passengers post-scuffle in an office, trying to explain why they started hitting each other. If you ride the MRT regularly, you would know that women are freakishly strong. (Read more: 10 Things Only People Who Regularly Ride the MRT Would Know.)


One of them quite literally pushed too far and/or too much, so she retaliated by-we shit you not-hair-pulling. One more person joined and the tussle went on for several minutes, mostly because the three refused to alight. The train was delayed in Cubao by about seven minutes. If you really, really need to pee, seven minutes is a very long time.


Unless you want to end up on YouTube, it’s always best to keep a cool head...and maybe try not to be such a savage. You don’t have to push that hard.

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