15 Things You Should Know Before You Graduate

Shit just got real. So we’re here to help, kids.


(SPOT.ph) Oh, to be young and carefree. Remember the time when you just couldn’t wait to be one of the adults, when you could (at long last!) earn your own money, and maybe even live far away from home? Then here you are, three or so years later and you probably wish you knew half of the things you know now. Like, actual adult stuff. And you wake up as if in a trance... because real life is not one big High School Musical.


’Tis graduation season once again, so we asked: What are the things you wish you knew before you graduated? Generation Z, millenials, kids, take note: Consider this a cautionary tale. (But either way, congratulations! And good luck.)


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You need to be treated like crap to know the right way to treat people.


Nobody cares how smart you are. Just meet your deadlines and you’re good to go!



Mas madaling mag-aral kaysa maghanap ng trabaho.

Every coin you find in your pocket counts. Kasi wala ka nang allowance.




You will cry in the bathroom at least once.


Rejoice! For you will eat out a lot. But whether this is a good thing or not depends on your salary and metabolism.



Never underestimate the value of a five-minute break.


You will have to hold back tears (or rage) every time you see the amount that gets deducted from your paycheck for taxes.



Forget class suspensions. Kasi kailangan mo parin pumasok kahit bumabagyo.


Always read the fine print, because suddenly you’ll actually have to worry about benefits. By the way, chasing paperwork, SSS stuff, medical and NBI clearance, sucks.



Accept that more will always be expected of you. But always do your best anyway because who knows, you might get lucky.



Yes, there’s payday to get excited about...until you remember that it’s also time to pay the bills.


Those existential issues you had in school? That’s elementary! You will still ask yourself the same questions: What’s your purpose in life? What’s your next step? WHO ARE YOU?



Say goodbye to months-long vacations.


Smile! It might just land you that dream job.



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