10 Quick Tips From a Pro on Taking Like-Worthy Instagram Food Photos

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(SPOT.ph) It’s a common scene in restaurants these days: someone armed with their mobile phone asking the party of already very hungry diners around them to hold back, while they take a minute or two to instagram a meal. The photo op has replaced the usual sign of the cross or blessing of food before meals for anyone who considers themselves social media savvy.


But solo dining aside, and for better or for worse, instagamming food has so long been a "thing," that people have moved on to being annoyed at other things. And now we can instagram our food in peace. Here are a bunch of tips on making our food instagrams stand out in a feed full of food.


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Photo via @mignac_

1. Natural light is the best. Don't be afraid to ask to be seated beside the window.



Photo via @patmartiresphoto

2. There's a thin line between enhancing and exaggerating with filters. Photos should look as natural as possible, without being too warm or too cool.



Photo via @airplanedream


3. Going high is an angle that works best for flat dishes or bowled dishes. It also has the advantage of showing interesting surfaces.



Photo via @mignac_


4. Go low if you want to show some height or layers, and if there's an interesting background your food is set against.



Photo via @regrafael


5. Get close on details. A big part of appreciating food is how great the little things look.


Photo via @idgemendiola


6. Give it space. Having a blank canvas around the dish gives the photo some room to breathe.



Photo via @airplanedream


7. Leave the mess. Food is meant to be consumed. Showing the aftermath of a meal makes for interesting pictures, too.



Photo via @kaihuang


8. Show the eater. A human element in a photo makes it more dynamic.



Photo via @idgemendiola


9. Set the mood. Shadows are your friend.



Photo via @mignac_


10. Focus. Take that extra step of tapping on your screen to select a focus point.



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Miguel Nacianceno is a professional photographer whose work regularly appears in Real Living, Preview, Yummy, and Town & Country magazine, among other local and foreign publications. On his days off, Miguel enjoys watching movies in the afternoons with senior citizens, and getting lost on his bicycle. Follow him on Instagram.

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