10 Stars Who Went Shockingly Sexy for FHM

From teen stars to hot mommas-through FHM, we've seen it all


(SPOT.ph) In 15 years, FHM Philippines has done every possible teasing pose known to man and you can bet that people are still looking. However, when you’re regularly featuring hot women, you have to be borderline racist to be really racy. There has to be more to this business than just stripping.


Curiously, it’s not the extreme covers that people talk about. It’s less "ooh-la-la"  and more "oh wow, really?" Suddenly, the sweet girl is not so sweet anymore or you realize that there’s life beyond 40. Check out these 10 FHM cover girls that shocked us with their sexiness-in a good way, of course.



Dina Bonnevie, December 2001

It’s almost like seeing your mom on the cover and it’s weird because she’s really hot. You’d be embarrassed if you weren’t so preoccupied with being impressed.




Angelu de Leon, August 2003

It’s not just the hard-to-find belly button that caught our attention. We were stuck in 1995 and TGIS. This took care of that.


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Angel Locsin, October 2003

You have to remember that Locsin was just starting in showbiz when this came out, being a tween in Click and Mano Po 2. At the time, FHM was more about Viva Hot Babes. She was only 18. Yeah, we were shocked.




Camille Prats, February 2006

You almost want to cover your eyes. Or her. Because a part of you will always think of her as Princess Sarah. Always.



Pops Fernandez, August 2006

If Ms. D is your mom on the cover, seeing Pops Fernandez is like finding out that your tita works out more than you and her body is way, way better.



Eula Valdez, July 2011

That pose. Help.



Kaye Abad, June 2012

Prior to this, we only ever thought of Kaye as Eds from Tabing Ilog and as Chito Miranda’s (former) girlfriend.



Alodia Gosiengfiao, July 2013

A lot of people had been gushing over Alodia long before she was on the cover of FHM, but the cosplayer has always been vocal about not focusing on "sexy" characters and keeping things Rated G. This was quite an unexpected treat for fans of the professional anime fangirl.




Alice Dixson, December 2013

She not only graced the cover, she was also voted as seventh sexiest woman for 2014. She’s sexy and you better believe it.



Myrtle Sarrosa, November 2014

Wasn’t she just being cute and singing Mr. Kupido to Enrique Gil a few seconds ago? You blink and then suddenly, boom.

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