Please promise to pull out this shirt

Why do you even exist, shirt?


( You know what people forgot to notice about the notorious "snuggle with a struggle" shirt? Those hands aren’t forming a heart. Those hands are strangling an imaginary neck and really, that shirt was just asking for it. By that we mean it’s asking to get banned and be forever banished from the realm of existence.


On Thursday (March 26), writer Lynn Lopez came across another shirt in an SM department store, which she describes as "gross and inappropriate, not just because it’s in the teens section, but because of the message itself, which we know is said with fingers crossed behind one’s back."




There’s a host of other things that’s problematic about the shirt, especially if it’s being sold in a country where promoting safer sex is an uphill battle. Whether it’s a teenager or an adult male wearing this, there just doesn’t seem to be an appropriate context for the supposedly reassuring promise. It seems to be directed to a partner who has some obvious concerns about engaging in coitus and that doesn’t make it sound like the pair are having a nice, consensual experience. It sounds coercive, in a benevolent way. (Benevolent sexism, it exists!)


We like jokes as much as the other guy, but we take health and hygiene quite seriously. Use protection: People worked hard to invent condoms and people worked even harder to fight for your right to wear one.

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