Open to Work: How to Job-Hunt While Still Employed

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Looking for a new job while you're still employed can be tricky because you want to avoid burning bridges while seeking career fulfillment elsewhere 

There is also no guarantee of success, so it's ideal to stay employed while you apply for new work not just to pay the bills, but also since employed individuals are a more attractive hire compared to those who are jobless.

The good news though is you can search and apply for new jobs with discretion even if you're still employed.


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Here are some tips on job hunting while still employed from career websites JobStreet Philippines and Indeed:

Be careful who you discuss your job hunting plans with

Depending on your professional relationship with your boss and colleagues, you might end up in hot water if you broadcast that you're job hunting while you're still employed.


Another thing is, that you don't want to burn bridges with your current employer because you're seeking out greener pastures so it's best to be careful about who you discuss your job hunting plans with.

If necessary, keep it a secret until you've officially landed the new job. An exception to this rule however is if your current employer is laying off workers and you've received help so you can land a new job.

Job hunt on your own time

Remember that whatever your reason for searching for a new job, you're still employed. That means that your current employer is still paying you to do your current job. 

Be professional and look for jobs on your own time and not when you're supposed to be working.  Don't cheat your current employer.

Use your personal gadgets when job hunting

Given that you're still employed, it means that you are still professionally tied to your current employer. Resist the urge to use company-provided gadgets such as phones and laptops to check out job listings. After all, these were provided to you so you can perform your current job--and not to look for another one.

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It's best to be discreet especially if you haven't discussed transferring jobs with your boss or colleagues.

Be smart in scheduling exams, interviews

Scheduling employment exams and interviews can be tricky so it's best to do so in your free time such as before and after your work shift. If you can't fit it in during a workday, it's best to take a leave to attend to your job hunting activities.

Be careful however about taking too many leaves since your boss and colleagues at your current work could be suspicious of what you do when you take such leaves.

Use former colleagues, employers as reference

If your current boss and your present colleagues are kept in the dark about your search for a new job, it goes without saying that you cannot use them as character references.

Instead, provide the names of previous employers, and colleagues who can speak of your performance honestly. 


It's ideal to contact individuals you've listed as character reference too to inform them that they could receive a call or message from a hiring manager to ask about your professional performance.

Don't let your productivity slide

Continue to do your current work well even if you're mind is already set on leaving.

Once you're sure that you're transferring, inform your boss right away. After all, you don't want him or her to hear it from someone else. Be professional and respectful by discussing your job transfer with your boss.

When rendering your resignation, continue to do your work well up to your last day with your current company since this preserves your reputation, and reflects well on your character. 

When you deliver stellar performance until your last day, you can leave the company with your head held high, knowing that you were productive throughout your stay.


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