The 10 People You Meet on a Group Tour

Traveling always becomes a bit more interesting with this bunch.


( The summer season is usually the best time for travel, and more often than not, you'll get to learn a thing or two along the way. You're exposed to different cultures, pick up a bit of history, eat all kinds of food, read maps, ride (efficient) trains, and the like. Travel also sometimes means joining a group tour, self-imposed or otherwise. If you're observant (and patient) enough, chances are you'll bump into one of these 10 kinds of group tour regulars.



The Tour Guide

You love her or hate her. She could be as nice and caring as a mother ("I can carry your baby for a bit, so you can grab some food!") or as cold and cruel as your evil, terror professor back in college ("If you're even one second late we will leave you and your hungry stomach out here in the cold!").




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The Friendly Guy Who Becomes Your Friend

Generally a very happy and helpful guy. He's probably on the tour hand-in-hand with his 60-year-old mother so he could take her out on a vacation. He's a helpful dude, and has a lot of stories to tell. Having trouble opening your bottle of jam? He will gladly show you how and even tell you the funny the story of how he discovered to do it the right way so you won't feel so noobish. He's the guy you'd want to be friends with, forever.





The One Who Knows More Than the Tour Guide

A.k.a. The know-it-all. This person has bragged about it being his eighth visit to the country. Tour guide says the cherry blossoms are in full bloom? He quickly objects, saying "This isn't full bloom! Wait till the end of April, that's the time I went last year, and they were in full bloom, alright. You ain't seen nothing yet!" Okay, sir. You are the why do you still need to join a tour to get around?



The One with the Small Bladder

The number of times this incontinent person has asked for a stopover so she could use the restroom concerns you. Is her fluid intake too much? Why couldn't she have peed before getting on the bus? Maybe she has a health problem she isn't aware of? Whatever it is, the time you can spend sightseeing is inversely proportional to her time in the loo.





The Person Who Has Absolutely No Concept of Time

Pick up time at 7 a.m.? This person will wake up at 6:30 a.m. thinking he has all the time in the world to shower and enjoy the breakfast buffet. Meanwhile, 40 other people are already on the tour bus, and the tour guide (if she's the nice kind) is out trying to find this V.I.P.



The One with the Baby

This person makes us want to ask the question "WHY?" Why would you take your nine-month-old baby on a tour where there's almost no time for rest? Why would you take your baby on a plane that soars to high altitudes when you know it will cause discomfort to the baby's ears? Do you not know that your baby will cry? This person is also probably always late, because of the constant diaper-changing.




The Rude Teenager

This person is at the peak of his teenage angst phase. Well, we'd like to think it's the peak, and that it's just a phase, because how can one talk to his parents in such a rude way? We are scandalized by his cursing and loud music. Or maybe we're just becoming a tita.



The Doctor on Board

She could be a professional doctor, or a mother who carries a first aid kit and a pill box of life. People on tour catching a cold because of the weather? She's already handing out Vitamin C. Someone's having an allergic reaction to food or the cold? "Take this pack of antihistamine. Don't worry, I have 10 more." What would we do without her? 





The Self-proclaimed "Cultured" Woman

A 40-minute stopover at an outlet store or a flea market? This woman will protest. "Why can't we visit the museum with paintings? I am a cultured woman, my kids and I do not appreciate shopping!" 




The One Who Offers Food All the Time

One of the more lovable people in the group. If you're allowed to eat inside the bus, this kind-hearted man or woman will pass around a giant bag of chips. Waiting in line for tickets? This person is giving out really good candy he got from the local convenience store. Can we be travel buddies?

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