Ang MRT parang pag-ibig...

...minsan maiiwan ka.


( First, a lesson in hugot: It's not just about sad things. It's the art of making a metaphor out of something that seems like it's an ocean and a rock away from...well, love, romance, and relationships. It's a fun game, because it's annoying how everything can actually be a symbol for struggle. Case in point: You're on your way home and you get in a tricycle...and the motor refuses to cooperate with manong driver. You watch him repeatedly step on the pedal to no avail. His frustration creeps up on you and you suddenly feel like you're watching yourself. His struggle is your struggle and you're wondering if it's a sign from the universe. Are you going to be like manong driver, expending energy on futile pursuit? #DEEP


Before you get lost in that abyss, slap yourself. Don't take life so seriously. Sakyan mo lang. Parang MRT.



Ang MRT parang pag-ibig, minsan talaga naiiwan ka.


You stand there, filled with regret, wondering what you could've done more and also cursing the universe for your rotten luck.


Ang MRT parang pag-ibig, may panahon na pilit mong pinagsisiksikan ang sarili mo, kahit puno na.

You fight for that little space because you know you deserve it just as much as everyone else—if not more!


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Ang MRT parang pag-ibig, kailangan mong habulin.

Don't give up. Ignore the warning buzzer. Wait, don't ignore the warning buzzer. Sometimes you have to pay attention to the red flags, or you will get hurt.


Ang MRT parang pag-ibig, masasaktan ka.

What hurts more? Elbow to the face or ma-basted?


Ang MRT parang pag-ibig, dapat nag-iingat ka sa mga snatcher.

Not that your wallet is a flirt. Sometimes your boyfriend is malandi kasi.



Ang MRT parang pag-ibig, tumitigil na lang bigla.

However, you at least have a disembodied voice telling you that something is wrong with the train. In love? Wala


Ang MRT parang pag-ibig, mapapaaway ka, kahit ayaw mo.

Don't you hate it when you're minding your own business but someone's in a bad mood and they pick a fight know what happens. Those days when you seriously consider just being single. 


Ang MRT parang pag-ibig, kahit gaano katagal, hinihintay mo pa rin.

Someone says it can take a while before it gets fixed and asks you, are you willing to wait? You say, "Yes. Yes, I am." 


Ang MRT parang pag-ibig, sa tamang panahon, masasakyan mo siya. Huwag kang bastos, figurative meaning ito.

As with all things, the right conditions could result in smooth sailing and feeling like everything's all right. When it's good, it's good, and you should appreciate it.



Ang MRT parang pag-ibig, marami kang reklamo, pero ito pa rin ang pinipili mo.

You're always complaining about it, but you just can't give it up. You're awake at 2 a.m. wondering if you're settling and pining for better days...and also hoping it doesn't break down tomorrow. 



Cover art by Warren Espejo. Lettering by Grace Marcellana.

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