10 Things Only People Who Wear Glasses Would Know

We need them to see things.


(SPOT.ph) It's the first thing that goes when the makeover montage happens, but really, glasses are great—because they allow us myopic and hyperopic to see. Cute (and smart) as we may seem in them, people in glasses have #struggles, too. Very specific struggles. 


What do we protect our eyes with when it's painfully sunny? Oh, nothing.


Sunny day out? Can't wear shades! We're the masters of squinting at the city come high noon.


3D movies are the worst

3D movies usually excite people...but for four-eyed fellas, it's just a bad case of trying to pull off the glasses-on-glasses look.


Borrowing a friend's shirt to wipe the fingerprints off your glasses


... because you're wearing a sheer top. What would you do without your friend...and her cotton tee?


Swimming blind! Fun times!

Don't even ask about contact lenses and the sea, because those two do not agree with each other. If you're wearing a prescription above, say, 375...you're pretty much frolicking in a vast blue blur. 


The fog

The experience of stepping out of a really cold car and into the warm outdoors isn't complete without your glasses fogging up, causing you to go blind for about five seconds. 



Having phantom frame

So you're wearing contacts...but you still feel the need to push the ghost of your glasses up with your finger. 


People think you're uptight

We're just as fun and lazy as anyone else. We, too, struggle to read War and Peace




That moment when you need your glasses...to find your glasses

If you forget where to put them, a game of squint-and-palm ensues. This is when you, yes, squint and hope that your glasses somehow stick to your hand like metal on magnet. 



The weird mark it leaves on your nose

That awkward moment when you have to remove your glasses for a photo, and there's a red mark right smack in the middle of your face. Plus, you always look like you're trying to make sense of the fuzzy things in front of you...which you actually are at that moment.


Taking a shower

Is that a cockroach on the bathroom floor or just a ball of hair? We can't tell, so we're just going to run out screaming. No big deal.



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