10 New Internet Abbreviations You Need to Know

FOMO no more!

(SPOT.ph) Gone are the days when GTG, BRB, DND, TTYL were the only abbreviations people used online. Internet slang has evolved, and the young ones have found a way to make them work even outside the cyber world. Now you can just say ILY to tell someone you love or say HBD when it's someone's birthday but of course you'd be JK because that's just...lazy. You might receive a WTF in return. Or if he DGAF, you'd get a simple TY in which case, you can respond with NP. Isn't it GR8 when phrases can be reduced to two to four letters? 


If you're the person who still thinks LOL means Lots of Love, you probably didn't understand anything from the last paragraph, but don't worry. We're here to guide you through the mind-boggling language of this generation so you can say goodbye to your FOMO (that’s Fear Of Missing Out, folks).



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What we thought it meant: Away From? Like AFK? 

What it means: As Fuck. As in, to the maximum level.

Used in a sentence: OMG I had to walk from Shang to Megamall, now I'm tired AF!



What we thought it meant: Love Me…K? Lord Make Knowledge? 

What it means: Let Me Know

Used in a sentence: LMK what u think abt this dress before I buy it!



What we thought it meant: Singing My Heart...out? Shouting My Hate?

What it means: Shaking My Head. Could also mean So Much Hate.

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Used in a sentence: My crush just greeted me with an HBD on my wall, SMH.



What we thought it meant: Shorthand for “white”? Wait Your Turn? While You Thaw?

What it means: What do You Think?

Used in a sentence: I'm going to dye my hair 10 different colors, WYT?




What you thought it meant: Admittedly we’re stuck on DTF. Not good.

What it means: To Die For

Used in a sentence: Wow, those shoes are TDF.



What we thought it meant: Kamown!??

What it means: Kill Me Now. Because you'd rather not live anymore. But you’re exaggerating, of course.

Used in a sentence: EW, someone didn't flush in the eighth floor ladies’ room, KMN!!!



What we thought it meant: To Be..Hannounced? 

What it means: To Be Honest. Can also be LBH for Let's Be Honest

Used in a sentence: I actually don't even care that Caitlyn Jenner is hotter than me, TBH.



What we thought it meant: Are you sure this isn’t a typo? Is it a shy “rawr”? 

What it means: Remember

Used in a sentence: Rmr when YM was the bomb???



What we thought it meant: This is a plate number. Or What Bitch, You? 

What it means: What about you?


Used in a sentence: I want to go skydiving, WBU?



What we thought it meant: Long Bed Relationship! Please let it be that.

What it means: Let’s Be Real

Used in a sentence: What do you mean quit my job and travel?!! LBR I'm going to end up on the streets!



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