10 #Blessed Humble Brag Posts That Just Won't Go Away

They'll make you feel the opposite of divine.


(SPOT.ph) More often than not, being grateful for the #blessings in life is a must. You might even have to express your feelings on social media because life is just so great, you want to spread the positive vibes around! But there's a very, very thin line between being genuinely thankful and humbled by all the #blessings coming your way and just plain humble bragging.


Behold: The 10 #blessed social media posts that are better left un-posted...or at least, those that have subtle yabang written all over them!




"[Screenshot of grades.] #Blessed"

Translation: Look, I'm smarter than you! 



"Finally replaced my old iPhone with the new one! Feeling like a noob again! #Blessed"

Translation: I can spend two months of your salary in a day and not go broke because my parents still pay for all of my stuff!




"Hard work and determination. #Blessed #ThankYou"

Translation: You're not as #blessed as I am because, I mean, these abs...just look at them.



"OMG! Got the last four VIP tickets for the Madonna concert! #Blessed"

Translation: Oh, I just scored the last tickets to Madonna's concert, no biggie. Oh, and they're like, twice the amount of one year's tuition fee.




"Went way over my shopping limit in HK! Can't even close the maleta! Super lucky my boyfriend didn't do much shopping. Thanks for the extra luggage space, bae! #Blessed"

Translation: I fly out of the country with my boyfriend to go shopping. WBU?




"#Blessed with a girlfriend who cooks so well. Bye-bye abs na ba?"

Translation: I'm super fit and I have a girlfriend. You can pretty much say my life's perfect. Be jealous. 




"Despite all the parties I've attended this week, I'm glad I still have the energy for work the next morning. #Blessed"

Translation: My social life is off the charts and I've found the perfect work-life balance everyone's been trying to achieve.




"Not exactly my dream car but still feeling #blessed"

Translation: Your dream car is trash to me. 




"Today I fed five street children, brought a sick man to the hospital, helped a lady get her stolen wallet back, and adopted a kitten. #Blessed"

Translation: I'm basically an angel and the world needs to know all about my good deeds. 



"I love baristas who give you free coffee and write sweet notes on your cup! #Blessed"

Translation: I'd like to let you know that baristas think I'm pretty, and that my prettiness can get me free stuff.

Tell us your #feels!

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