10 Winning Presidential Pairings for 2016

Because voting is based on names, duh


(SPOT.ph) If you find yourself wondering when the campaign period for the 2016 election is, you're making a very basic mistake. It's a trick question, because everyone knows that "all the time" is the answer. That's what dedication is, guys. You just never stop putting your face on things and reminding people that you're going to make their lives better. In the months leading to May 2016, we're going to see more of these. More endorsements, more political courtship, and, eventually, political power couples. 


Portmanteaus matter in the Age of Hashtags. It ranks right up there with campaign jingle, because recall is how you get the votes. However unlikely it seems, the following "love teams" will definitely work, based solely on name chemistry and com-pun-tibility. Prepare to have your mind...blown? Fizzled? Well, tickled, at the least!



Mar Roxas + Solenn Heussaff = MarHeussaff

An unlikely combo that will have you doing the sign of the cross, asking for grace or mercy. 



Manny Villar + Mar Roxas = VilMar

Sure to be a blockbuster hit. 


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Jejomar Binay + Grace Poe = BinPoe

They may have bad blood, but together, they promise to wipe the sweat and tears on your face. 


Francis Escudero + Bam Aquino = Escuba

Para sa malinis na pamahalaan! They'll scrub off corruption...by getting dirty themselves? Wait.




Rodrigo Duterte + Miriam Defensor Santiago = DuGo

Duterte, Santiago...get it? They can also be GoGo. Rodrigo, Santiago...no? Does this feel too much like the pleading of their fans for them to really run?


Grace Poe + Alan Peter Cayetano = PoeTano

Corruption? PoeTano! 



Grace Poe + Bongbong Marcos = PoeBB

Makes no sense, but it apparently works.


Francis Escudero + Henry Sy = ChizSy

Happy to serve! Yes! 




Grace Poe + Sonny Trillanes = PoeNes



Jejomar Binay + Mar Roxas = JejoMar

Plot twist: They're the same person! There's a reason why you're having a hard time choosing. 



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