10 Things You Will Always Hear From a Backseat-Driving Parent

It's going to be a bumpy ride.


(SPOT.ph) Remember when you first started driving? It was so much fun, finally being the one behind the wheel, right? You're actually in control of things. And then the day comes when you drive for the family for the first time and things start to get...intense. Your parents (who used to be the ones to drive you everywhere) are screaming in your ear like you don't know what you're doing—like you're driving them to their deaths. These are the lines you will always hear from a backseat-driving parent.


"Naku! Sinasabi ko na dapat ako na lang nagmaneho eh."

Come on, parentals. It's time we start giving back. Let me drive for you.


"Aatakihin ako sa puso sayo, anak!"

With all my practice, I'd be able to drive to the hospital really, really fast. Wink, wink!


"Wag mong papatulan yang bus!"

...uhm, no. We are not going to let buses think they can bully us!


"Oh, hindi tumitingin sa stoplight!"

Deep breaths. Count to 10.


"May pulis, may pulis!"

Thanks for the update, but we can see them. And we're not doing anything illegal. Relax, parents.



"Oppps tingin sa kanan, may kotse!"

We knooooow.


"Ano ba 'yang sinasabi ng Waze, mali naman. Ang layo ng iikutan!"

How do you explain to them that technology is helping us avoid traffic?



"BA'T GANON?! Can you slow down?"

Whenever braking causes them to fall forward. Oops, sorry.



"Are you texting while driving? Baka mahuli tayo ng pulis. Akin na nga 'yan!"

It's not our fault people are texting us! We're not even looking at our phones. Thanks for the concern, though!



"Ingat ka, anak."

How do you expect us to drive when we can't see through the tears?!

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