10 Emotional Stages of Shopping Online

It's a never ending cycle.


(SPOT.ph) You probably have a love-hate relationship with online shopping. It's so convenient to be in the comfort of your own home while browsing through hundreds of pretty clothes, shoes, and other items that you don't need but end up buying anyway. You were an online shopping noob once, doubting every step of the way. But for some reason, you let your guard down and now you just. Can't. Stop! These are the emotional stages of shopping online.


Stage 1: You're leisurely browsing the Internet in peace and you end up on a shopping website.

You promise yourself you're just going to "online-window-shop" and you're not actually going to buy anything. Until you stumble upon the prettiest open-back dress perfect for your Friday night party. Add to cart!



Stage 2: You deliberately find more reasons to do even more shopping.

"But these shoes would go soooo well with the dress!" Yup, definitely add to cart. You soon discover the wishlist function, and you think it's a good idea to add to wishlist instead. But...



Stage 3: You find out about a promo and you are excited AF.

You HAVE to use it. Sayang naman eh! Spend at least P3,000 to avail. OK!


Stage 4: Realization that scrolling down isn't doing you or your credit card any good.

Ooh, what a pretty necklace. Add to cart! This pair of earrings will definitely make you look and feel 100/100. Add to cart! THESE RINGS!!! Add to cart, add to cart, add to cart! Oh look, a pretty notebook. Hmm. Add to wishlist.




Stage 5: The moment you realize you're not sure if you got the dress in your size.

You head back to the page where you found the dress. What do you mean there are no more small sizes?! Noooooo.


Stage 6: Frustration. You spent at least an hour perfecting your look, but now there is no dress.

What is life? You scroll, scroll, scroll until you see something that makes you feel better. All of a sudden, you're choosing from three dresses. Add all of them to cart—then choose later. And by choosing, we mean all three.

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Stage 7: Shock. Your total bill is P10,878?!?

Now you have to go through your shopping cart and move some items to your wishlist. You're feeling poor AF.


Stage 8: Doubt. What if these won't fit properly? What if they can't find my house when they ship it?

What if, right?! You're not about to throw your hard-earned money away! Oh but, there's a cash upon delivery option. That sounds fair! You're sold.



Stage 9: The waiting game.

It's been two days since you placed your order and at this point, you'd jump out of your seat every time someone's at the door. Where's your package?! You're getting so impatient and you're about to call the customer ser—oh, it arrived. Yay!




Stage 10: PURE BLISS.

Unboxing is the best thing ever! You feel like a kid on Christmas morning. You are so happy with your purchase and you are so going to do it again. Like, right now. Wishlist items, come to mama! #Blessed

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