10 Guy Thoughts on a First Date

Because often, a dude only has one shot at tadhana.


(SPOT.ph) A first date is one of those ultimate make-or-break moments for men. When the girl finally says yes to going out (wohoo!), our brains go haywire—thinking of how best to make a lasting impression. After all, we dudes often get just one shot at earning succeeding dates, especially if it's someone we like a lot. No bro ever wants to fail, at the very least, we want to be in control of the situation. Here are 10 things guys think about when they're out on a first date.


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Should I offer to pick her up or just meet her there?”  

Offering her a ride is the right thing to do. What would she think if I don't offer? But she might think I'm trying to impress her too much. Argh!




What on earth should I wear to look first date-y enough?”

I wanna look like I care but I don't. Sakto lang.




I wonder what she'll order?”

Does she eat like a little bird, or does she have a karpintero's appetite? This I gotta see.



“Some awkward silence. Time to pay her a compliment.”

She looks damn fine in that little black dress but of course, can't say that yet. Must think of something else to praise about her.



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“Oh lord she's talking about a trip I saw on her Facebook profile.”  

I can't say I already stalked her online. Must. Listen. Nod and smile.


Man, I really don't get what she's talking about.”

Hoping what I said about that author she loves is cool enough.




What is she thinking while I'm talking about er, me?”

Am I boring her? She seems to be listening...I think.



I wonder if she'll offer to split the bill.

Not that I would let her since I did allot all the extra money I have for tonight. But will she try?





How do I say good night and thanks for the good time?”

Do I go for a beso? A hug? A handshake? Apir nalang kaya?



Will she message me once I leave?” 

Will she text me? Should I message her? Is it too soon? #FML 



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