10 Things That Go Through Your Head on Your First Day at a New Job

First impressions matter!


(SPOT.ph) The day you start your new job can be stressful yet exciting: You have to adjust to a new environment and face different expectations and responsibilities. You wrack your brains trying to outline the ways you could give a good impression. After all, people tend to take shortcuts in categorizing people, especially at work. Similar to first dates, you wouldn’t want to mess this up; however, it can’t be so bad.


Here are 10 things that new hires think about on their first day at work.



I can’t be late today. Oh wait, I can’t be late for six months.

Or be sick…or take a vacation.



Is it obvious that I took two hours to get ready?

Outfit. Face. Hair. Teeth. Good hygiene = good manners.



(Waits in the lobby for an hour) “Sabi ng HR 9 a.m.”

We love HR.




Smile. That RBF won’t get you new friends.

I don’t want them to think I’m mataray (I’m really not).



It feels like the first day of school—as a freshman.

Wait, what are their names again?



Is there free coffee in the pantry?

I can’t afford Starbucks until it’s sweldo.


Saan kaya masarap na mura mag-lunch?

Is there a McDo nearby?



How do I impress my boss without looking bibo?

Bring it on!



(Pretends to be busy) Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...

First day at a new job means no access to anything (unless your company’s IT department is super efficient).



Can I go home already?

Should I do OT on my first day? Hey, I was here early anyway.

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