10 Things Artists are Tired of Hearing

And the perfect snarky retorts to them


(SPOT.ph) It’s hard out there for artists. A lot of people don’t consider art as a legitimate career—which is puzzling. Art supplies (the good ones) are absurdly expensive, and it takes a really bright mind to be creative every single day. In the 15th Century, artists were among the most sought-after people, admired for their ability to study human bodies and manipulate materials to form their creations. Today, the field is known mostly for being one of the least lucrative.


Here are 10 of the most common statements artists are so tired of hearing, and what they want to tell you back.



“Can you draw me?”

I prefer interesting subjects.



“So you’ve seen naked bodies?”

Yes, in class. We study them while they're still breathing.





“Can’t you do it as a hobby?”

I am doing my hobby AND getting paid for it cause I’m awesome.



Walang pera dyan.

Tell Banksy that.



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Nagdo-drawing ka lang naman eh.”

Let me see you try, then let’s talk.


I could do that.

One, you probably couldn’t. Two, YOU DIDN’T.




“When are you getting a real job?”

Just because I don’t have a nine-to-five job, doesn’t make it a fake job.



“Wow. I didn’t know you were good in Math.”

I didn't know you were judgmental, but I ask me if I care.



“How do you pay your bills?”

Exactly how other normal human beings pay their bills—I work.





“Sample nga!”

Tumbling ka muna.

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