10 Things You Wouldn't Want to Hear When You Have Your Period

This is a public service announcement.


(SPOT.ph) Women bleed for a week every month and continue with their lives like it's NBD. Smart human beings understand that during this bloody week, they have to try very hard to not get in the way and attend to all of our needs—because we deserve it. But apparently the world is full of halfwits who just don't get it so we're here to spell it out for everyone: Here are the 10 things we don't want to hear when we're on our period.


Oh, before anything else, it's proven that hormones cause mood swings (we will never admit we're having them, though). So no, we're not using our period as an excuse to bitch out. Just in case you were thinking it. 'Cause you know you were.



"Ah, no wonder you're having crazy mood swings."

No, I am not having mood swings, you're just being really, really annoying and useless right now and any human being would be annoyed by your existence. Do not discredit my feelings just because I'm on my period!



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"Ba't ang sungit mo?"

Seriously, how does one have the nerve to even ask this question? Like, are you trying to start with me right now? Let me know because my patience tank is running low.



"You're breaking out!"

Oh, why thank you for pointing it out! This new piece of information is so important! You are so helpful! Bless your soul because...R.I.P.




"What's wrong?"

Most of the time, nothing's wrong. Until someone asks this question and all hell breaks loose. Wanna know what's wrong? You. Your face is wrong.


"Ba't ang takaw mo?"

Bakit ba?!



"Tumataba ka yata."

Ikaw, pumapangit ka yata.



"Bakit 'di ka gumagalaw diyan?"

Oh, IDK. Why don't you try not curling into fetal position while your testicles are slowly being ripped off.



"I think you should exercise."

It doesn't matter if research says so! Don't force me to do things I don't want to do because there's a bloody war going on in my uterus. Just leave me alooone.




"There's no food."

This is probably the worst thing you could say to someone who's on their period. Okay, maybe second worst because nothing beats...


"Meron ka ba?"

Cue the fireworks.

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