10 Things Only Those Who Wore Braces Would Understand

It was a part of growing up...for many of us.


(SPOT.ph) When your dentist said you needed braces on your teeth, it was a relief to finally get your pearly whites fixed. It will be okay, he said. Until you started wasting away due to your inability to eat absolutely anything that requires chewing. You probably had to endure it for a year or four, if your're unlucky. But it was a necessary—not to mention awkward—part of your childhood (or adulthood for late bloomers). Aren't you glad you can smile about it now?



Molds for braces—ew.

It felt like your teeth would come off with them. Also, gag reflex.




Your weapons of choice were the wax that didn't really work and the little brush that saved you from shame.

You never left the house without these—at least not without the little brush.


Is there a phobia for fear of detached brackets?

Or fear of eating crispy pata or caramel or basically all your favorite food...




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One of the hardest decisions you had to make was choosing the color of your rubber bands.

It’s February. Red, perhaps?



Welcome to the lisp club.

“M-I...I don’t want to shpell Mishishippi.”




No one noticed your struggle while smiling for photos.

Teeth? Awkward. No teeth? Worse.




You always had cuts inside your mouth from the spiky brackets or the extra wire that wasn’t cut off.

Again, the wax didn't really help.




You were constantly paranoid that there was rice stuck in between the wires.

 “Ugh, annoying noodle won’t budge.” *Gets the little brush*



Getting your brackets tightened was a legit form of torture.

Ow! What have I done to deserve this?





Freedom was when you finally got them off.

Until you realized stage two: retainers.

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