10 More Expressions People Need to Stop Using

But hey, we won't stop you if you really like sounding like a garbled text message.


(SPOT.ph) Language is always evolving, and that's a good thing! It makes interaction and self-expression a lot easier and it challenges people's lexical creativity. But once something actually happens (no, not "fetch" because that's just never going to happen) and people overuse it, it just gets really annoying. Like, pull-your-hair-out annoying. Some people use it for irony—but sometimes being ironic puts you on a dark path that leads you to a place where you can't tell if you're being ironic anymore. Whether used ironically or not, here are 10 more expressions people need to stop using.


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Translation: Ganon

Don't be a jerjermern. Okay, we're actually not sure if "jerjermern" is a thing, but it might as well be. Our definition of a jerjermern is someone who speaks like this IRL: Ermergerd, erng gender mer nemern! Does it sound like music to your ears?




Juice colored

Translation: Diyos ko, Lord!

We admit, it was funny at first. It's pretty creative! But when it's all over your Facebook feed and Twitter timeline, you kinda just want to...make it stop.



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Translation: LOL

We really don't know how this became a thing but...okay. It's fine. It's probably why it's annoying to see and hear because it makes you wonder why it's even a thing. Just please don't use it in every sentence.




Translation: Hugot

It's annoying because 1) it makes you pronounce the word "hugot" as "hu-gote" and 2) it makes you think of a goat with an identity crisis. Not nice.




Orayt Rakenrol to the World

Translation: Alright, rock and roll to the world.

It's cool when it's Ryan Rems who does it after delivering a punchline—it's original. But when you're talking about getting a new pair of sneakers or your headache, it just...doesn't work. Also, don't make it a part of your joke's punchline...have some originality!



Alam na this

Translation: Alam na

Unless you're trying to reach a word count limit for a paper you have to submit, adding extra words after a complete thought just doesn't make sense...especially when it's said verbally. WHY?!!




Translation: Pa-baby a.k.a. pa-cute

It was more annoying pre-AlDub, but since the Pabebe Wave happened, it became more acceptable to use. It doesn't take away the fact that it's an ugly word and that it refers to annoying, pa-cute people though. 




Translation: Naku 

Gone are the days when QWERTY wasn't a thing and you had to make your message fit a character limit so there is no excuse for people to say "naq" unless you're using it for irony.




Pak na pak!

Translation: Achieve! On point!

Or simply, "pak!" We get that it adds emphasis and emotion, but when you're using it to describe your ulam or anything that doesn't involve an achievement, it's just...weird. "My baon is sinigang. Pak!" Okay.




Translation: Ano ba?

Its variation is even more annoying: Enebeh. Why can't people come up with useful words instead of making existing words and phrases sound annoying by inventing a weird pronunciation?

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