10 Unforgettable Pinoy Christmas Household Staples

You know, other than a plastic Christmas tree


(SPOT.ph) For many of us, the "-ber" months don't just mean the long-awaited sweater weather. In the Philippines, September kickstarts the Christmas season, usually with festive Christmas songs that play in the background while we do our holiday shopping. And while every family has a unique way of celebrating, here are 10 Christmas household staples that we guarantee you've seen more than once.


Christmas lights everywhere

The more lavish and colorful, the better! Sometimes, they even play Christmas music on loop...guaranteed to drive all the neighbors crazy. Just prepare yourself for the Meralco bill next month.



Quezo de bola

Is it really a Christmas spread without that familiar red ball of cheese sitting on your table? This tangy cheese is best served sliced and atop a steaming pan de sal bun. Chances are, you'll see its remaining red halves sitting in your fridge well after the holidays.



Sad Christmas songs


It's not a Pinoy party without videoke. Pair your performance with plenty of alcohol and you'll be belting out with confidence in no time. If you're single or broken-hearted this year, sad Christmas songs are an absolute must.


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Lechon and Christmas ham

Speaking of Pinoy party staples, a lechon is the best (and yummiest) way to greet the hungry guests that walk through your front door. You can bet that glistening skin will disappear within minutes! For some folks, a sliver of sweet and fatty Christmas ham is the best excuse to forget your diet.



Colorful parols

Who says you have to stop at Christmas lights? Adding a brightly colored parol is the best way to show people you aren't a Grinch. Plus, it's so easy to store after the holidays...which is probably around February.




The sound of Jose Mari Chan's voice

Hello, "Christmas in Our Hearts." We meet again.



A jar of spare change

You know it's Christmas season when mom starts saving coins for the carolers and their tamborines made of tansan. Is it just you or are they getting older?





Your house's belen might not be as extravagant as the ones you see outside offices or in malls, but you can be sure your mom's miniature version is just as complete. Bonus points if you have an outdoor version!



Simbang Gabi goodies

You might not like getting up at the crack of dawn for Misa de Gallo, but you're comforted by the delicacies you'll get to enjoy after Mass. Hot puto bumbong? Check! Warm and buttery bibingka? Double check! Wash it all down with some tsokolate, too!






Nothing says Christmas like a pile of boxes full of fruitcake under your tree. Now all you need to do is figure out a sneaky way to re-gift them.


Art by Warren Espejo



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