10 Things Only Tall People Would Know

You get stared at, quite a lot.


(SPOT.ph) Being a tall person certainly has its perks—but for us, it can also be a curse. Between struggling to find clothes that fit to being openly gawked at in public, sometimes you just find yourself wishing you were more average sized. It’s not always easy living in a country filled with shorter people (#sorrynotsorry), so we list down 10 struggles every tall person is definitely tired of.



People telling you “You’re so tall!”

There’s nothing wrong with people commenting about your height, but mentioning it incessantly, as if it were'nt bvious enough, can get quite a bit infuriating. What’s worse is when people begin to joke about the weather up there. Please, just stop.



Finding the perfect pair of jeans takes hours

Shopping turns into your own A Series of Unfortunate Events as you go through store after store. You find a pair of jeans that has the perfect fit—but not the perfect length, or you find a pair that has your exact length but has a wider waistline! Finding the right pair suddenly feels like winning the jackpot.





Standing out in group photos

Taking group photos becomes a struggle when you constantly have to pose awkwardly in order to be of the same height as your friends. You don’t want to tower over them and you don’t want your head to be cut off in photos so you do what you can—like bend your knees. A lot.



Being taller than the bathroom stall

You swear you’re not peeking; you’re just really taller than the stall. One of the most awkward things is having to go to the restroom and have others see your head practically poking over the bathroom stall. You're not creepy. Really!



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People asking if you play sports

You can’t probably count how many times people have come up to ask you if you’re a volleyball or a basketball player whenever you’re out. Newsflash: although it's a useful trait to have if you want to be in the NBA, tall people have also been known to go into other professions (and no, not necessarily modeling, either).



Finding a partner taller than you

Okay, we live in a time where girls grew up watching fairy tales and cute rom-com flicks where a guy just sweeps a girl off her feet and they live happily ever after. Usually this guy is a whole lot taller than the girl—and it makes for a pretty romantic setup! Standing on your tiptoes, leaning your head on his shoulders...but only if you were shorter. Which unfortunately, you’re not. Darn those movies!




Being judged for wearing heels


Sometimes, you just want to wear heels—and it’s perfectly okay! But this decision often becomes an event among your friends as they can’t stop their “Why are you in heels? You’re already tall enough!” questions for the entire day you’re together.



Dresses become shirts

Imagine scoring an amazing LBD, perfect for this event you have to go to—only to find out that it fits exactly like a shirt on you! You know being tall means everything gets a little bit shorter when worn but honestly...this is just sad.




Entering a room with a low ceiling

You can’t blame others for not thinking of taller people. You just duck your head or bend your neck at a weird angle—and hope you don’t get a stiff neck the next day.



Being stared at in public

There comes a point when it turns into uncomfortable ogling and you just kind of want the ground to swallow you up—or wish you could just magically shrink.

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