Bekimon translates Digong's speech to gay lingo



( By now, most of us know how President Rodrigo Duterte talks: authoritative, direct to the point, and avoids mincing words. Now, combine this brusque style with gay lingo, a slang popularized by the gay community in the Philippines, and what do you have? A viral video, of course, posted by Youtube sensation Bekimon (a.k.a. Bern Josep M. Persia) on July 5, 6 p.m. It already has more than one million views as of writing.




Bekimon imitated Duterte's Bisaya accent, serious face, and fondness for curse words. "Patayin ko kayong lahat, kegbashin ko kayo, shegmak kung shegmak," he said in true Duterte fashion with a twist. “Pag wit kayo umi-stop, look, and listen sa kacharotan echos balungos na yan, day. Ishumba ko kayo nang bonggang-bongga. Mga shutanginabels kayo. Nakakaloka kayo, mga momshie," he continued. Bekimon even did all this with his right side on one side of his face, a mannerism of the president.


It was in 2010 when Bekimon rose to fame because of his funny clips where he speaks using the gay lingo (a.ka. swardspeak, Bekimon, or Bekinese). This dynamic form of slang uses elements from languages such as English, Filipino, Spanish, and even some Japanese. It also makes use of words derived from Philippine languages such as Cebuano, Hiligaynon, Waray, and Bicolano. To make it more interesting, names of celebrities, trademark brands, and other phrases in popular culture are also thrown in the mix.

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Bekimon ended his clip with a disclaimer: "Katuwaan lang po."


Spliced photo from Manila Bulletin and Bekimon's Blog

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