15 Very Tita Questions About "Pokemon Go"

Pokemon? Bastos ba 'yan?


(SPOT.ph) “Pokemon Go” is the latest craze taking over the nation. The funny thing is, the augmented-reality app game hasn’t been officially launched on our shores. But the hype is real, people! If you weren’t a hardcore 90s kid or you've lived under a rock all this time, then worry not. We’ll give you a quick rundown of the app—Q&A style.





Is this Pokemon a male or a female?

Pokemon is short for Pocket Monsters and refers to these creatures as a whole. Except for certain Pokemon stated, the gender is ambiguous. (How the Pokemon choose to identify themselves however, is entirely up to them. We are all for respecting their choices. #GenderFluidity)



What kind of animal is a Pokemon?

Real-life animals (Ratata) and mythical creatures (Charizard) inspired the Pokemon designs. Plus, they have elemental powers like fire, water, and so on. Kind of like Captain Planet.



Kakampi ko ba ‘yong Pokemon or kalaban?

It depends. If a different trainer owns that Pokemon or if it’s from the wild, then that’s the enemy. You’ll know when it’s yours. Wag umasa sa hindi sa’yo, okay? Masasaktan ka lang.

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Is it like Tamagochi?

It is kind of like Tamagochi but much more epic. There’s not much baby-sitting but you have to heal your Pokemon when it’s low on health. Oh, and you have to walk x number of steps to hatch an egg. Unlike your ill-fated Tamagochi, they don’t die but just “faint.”




May team player mode ba ‘yan parang “Clash of Clans?”

Team battles don’t exist here. Once you choose Mystic, Valor, or Instinct, you’ll be playing alongside other trainers so you could conquer the world with your team.



Mystic? Instinct? Valor? Like Harry Potter? Do I have to get sorted?

Once you’ve reached level five, you can finally choose your team. Your outfit’s color will depend on your choice: Mystic’s blue, Valor’s red, and Instinct's yellow. There’s also news that the Team Leaders will give you advice later on in the game. Valor wants to strengthen their Pokemon, Mystic’s interested in their evolution, and Instinct want to understand how they’re hatched—so that might give us an idea on possible differences.




Sa may atin ba yan? San sila nahahanap?

They’re everywhere so don’t be surprised to find them even at your office. (Disclaimer: We are not liable for any damages caused by snooping around at your boss’ desk for a rare Pokemon.)




At paano naman nila nalaman kung saan itatago 'yong mga Pokemon?

Niantic Labs, the creators of “Pokemon Go,” were able to gather intel from players of their previous game, “Ingress” (also GPS-based). They asked info on popular places and other landmarks from countries the world over. So don’t be surprised to find one at your local mall.



Bakit hindi ako gumagalaw? Nakakatalon ba siya parang Mario?

Your customized character will follow your lead. Once you start walking, they’ll get their butt moving, too. No jumping, though.




Is it like Uber or Grab?

Sort of. Like those transpo apps, the game’s radar is used to detect Pokemon nearby. Except, you know, you can’t exactly hitch a ride with Pidgey to get to work. (Whether it’s tougher to catch a rare Pokemon or catch a cab during Friday payday is still up for debate.)



Gym? Sinasabi mo bang tumataba na ako?


Pokemon Gyms are special places that can be owned by any trainer if it’s undefended. Once you own the place, you officially become the Gym Leader. Other trainers from your team can help strengthen your gym by adding their own Pokemon to guard it. If the gym you encounter is already taken, then it’s time to challenge the Gym Leader.



Will it drain my phone’s battery?

“Pokemon Go” utilizes most of your smartphone’s functions such as the camera, graphics, GPS, and WiFi or data plan—all at the same time. Oh yeah, and you can only find Pokemon when you’re online. It’s best to bring a powerbank with you on your next hunt.




Bastos ba ‘yan?

Admittedly, in our native language it may sound a bit dirty. However, it’s nothing of the sort. This app is a family-friendly game which encourages players to go outside, enjoy the scenery, and interact with people.




Ano ‘yong Pokestop? Sure ka bang hindi bastos ‘yan?

Pokestops are places where you can heal your Pokemon and get items or Eggs. You can usually find other players at these places so maybe it’s also a chance to heal your broken heart.



Wait, rewind. How do you actually catch a Pokemon?

Note: You don't actually have to throw your phone to catch a Pokemon. Tap and hold the Pokeball that appears on your touchscreen then swipe it toward the wild Pokemon. #GottaCatchEmAll



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