10 Things That Happen When You're Already Running Late

The jeepney you're riding will always stop for some gas.


(SPOT.ph) We bet you've experienced running late, whether you slept through your alarms (yes, alarms with an s) or the traffic was just horrible. There are certain annoying things that always happen when you know you can barely make it to your next appointment. Word of advice: Don't say or act that you're late; it'll only provoke the universe into making you even more late.


The jeepney you’re riding stops for some gas.

When you have roughly about 10 minutes to get to class, the driver stops to fuel up. You even have to wait a couple more minutes because he’ll also go to the bathroom. Thanks, kuya.



Suddenly, there’s road construction.

The traffic has always been bad in that one-way street, but traffic seems to be heavier today. The cars ease through one by one and you find out why: there’s road construction that wasn’t there yesterday. “Dadaloy rin ang ginhawa,” it says. “When?” you ask.



The MRT breaks down.

This is the worst. You think you still have time to make it because the MRT is whizzing by and not a lot of people are on the platform, but somewhere in the middle of Santolan and Ortigas, it suddenly stops, and the operator tells passengers to walk (yes, on the train tracks) to get to the nearest station. Ugh.



The FX you’re riding gets flagged down by a traffic officer.

Sige, kuya, magbaba ka pa sa gitna ng kalsada.


Waze tells you to take a shorter route...only to run into more bad traffic.

As grateful as you are to Waze, you hate it this morning when it takes you through a new and confusing route, the same way it did to hundreds of other drivers.


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The person in the bathroom is taking forever to finish his shower.

You snoozed past your alarm and now you have five minutes to shower and get out of the house, but your brother who's taking a shower is still singing his own rendition of "Shake It Off." Facepalm.


There are no more PUVs at the terminal.

You sprint out of your house to the nearest terminal but you’re shocked to find that there’s a long line and no more PUVs. Really, universe?



The person in front of you is the slowest walker ever.

Ate, baka may ibabagal ka pa, nakakahiya naman sa 'yo.


You leave your wallet at home.

If it was your phone, you would’ve tried to go through the day without it, but you can’t commute and have lunch without cash.





It starts to rain.

Because just an inch of rain leaves you stranded on EDSA.


GIFs from Tumblr, TVD GIFsDaydreaming, and  Mamamia.

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