10 Struggles Only People Who Love to Sleep Understand

The sleepy struggle is real! Zzz...


(SPOT.ph) Do you have perpetual bed hair at home or feel your comfiest while wearing your jammies? Are you reading this article while lying in bed? Do you wish you were in bed right now? Or maybe you want to doze off from all this reading? Then you must be a notorious sleeper or Olympic napping champ. People might think that the sleep-inclined are lazy…but nope, we just need a lot more energy to recharge. Scroll down for more problems encountered when you love sleep a bit too much.




When even your alarm falls asleep on you

Waking up in the morning requires you to set alarms—plural—at several five-minute intervals. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work because you end up pressing snooze on all of them. Oops.



Cold Weather = Zero Productivity

Most people think that the rain is equivalent to cuddle weather, but for you, it’s more like can’t-get-out-of-bed weather. The colder it gets, the stronger the gravitational pull of your comfy bed. Ain’t that just the way?



One nap is not enough

You wish that you were a baby again so that you could take several naps a day without judgment.



Getting tagged in the most awkward barkada travel photos

A close-up shot of your sleeping face with mouth hanging open and drool on your chin is probably posted online somewhere. Because that’s what friends are for, right?



The struggle of replying to people


By now, your friends are used to your late replies on Facebook. If you disappear from the group chat for hours, they just think, "Oh, he's asleep again." Your mantra is "Sorry late rep, I fell asleep again."



Muscle pain from sleeping in the most awkward positions

Your ability to fall asleep anywhere—and in the most unique ways like standing up or sitting down—is truly admirable. However, your neck ends up screaming in pain when you wake up.



When all you can think about is catching some z’s

No matter where you are, like out with friends or at the office, you’ll end up thinking about your beloved bed with its fluffy pillows and thick blanket.



Finding the time to get those forty winks

Not being able to get enough sleep will make you cranky the whole day. Thank goodness for sleeping in during the weekends.





Your “tulog mantika” tendencies

It’s so easy to get into sleep mode that you end up missing out on events and activities. You know, like sleeping through a movie, New Year’s Eve, and probably the apocalypse, too.



Becoming the subject of trolling or pranking

Many have seen you in deep slumber and for some reason, this gives them the idea to Photoshop your sleeping form in the wackiest ways (See: sleeping guy meme for an example). On the bright side, you’ll be Internet famous.

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