10 New Expressions Kids are Using These Days

Are you a lowkey JaDine fan, too?


(SPOT.ph) Nothing will slap your age right in the face better than hearing kids use words you don't understand. You were just wrapping your head around "bae," "bes," and "on fleek," and there are already about a dozen new terms popping up all over social media. There's no need to hide your inner Tita; we're here to help you get with the times.



What we thought it meant: To kill

What it actually means: In a way, it does mean to kill, but in a good, figurative way! Like the phrase "killed it," it simply means to be really great and successful at something.

Used in a sentence: "Girl, your outfit is slaying!"



What we thought it meant: A light is switched on? Something is on fire?

What it actually means: Something super fun, exciting, or amazing is happening. Alternatively, it also describes someone who is very intoxicated.


Used in a sentence: "Tonight's party is going to be so lit!"



What we thought it meant: To keep things down...low. Or maybe piano keys?!!

What it actually means: To keep things secret or discreet, but it can also be used to mean "slightly" or "kind of." Its antonym, "highkey," is another way of saying "very" or "a lot." (And no, there is no "mediumkey.")

Used in a sentence: "I'm a lowkey JaDine fan."


Throwing shade

What we thought it meant: Relief from the hot weather with a tent or a really big umbrella

What it actually means: Put simply: Nagpaparinig ka, but in a very subtle way. If someone calls you "shady," you're probably plastik.

Used in a sentence: "I can't believe she would throw shade like that!"



What we thought it meant: Brutal

What it actually means: It usually refers to an insult or comment that does not hold back. So yes, it is brutal in a way.

Used in a sentence: "Dude, that comeback was so savage, she'll never recover."

See also: No chill, as in "Have you seen the memes about Taylor Swift? People have no chill."



What we thought it meant: Delicious chicken or beef

What it actually means: To verbally mock or humiliate someone with a hilarious joke. In fact, there's a whole TV show dedicated to the art of "roasting" someone.

Used in a sentence: "I'm never joining the group chat again; all you guys do is roast me."



Spill the tea

What we thought it meant: Something mom would be very mad about

What it actually means: To share some gossip or drama. If you're "sipping tea," then you're quietly taking in all the juicy information.

Used in a sentence: "Guys, I can't wait to spill the tea about work" or "I have tea about Jamie!"



What we thought it meant: To pull something down or inhale smoke

What it actually means: If you pictured literally dragging someone over the ground, you're somewhat right. Now, imagine dragging someone...but with insults or shocking facts.

Used in a sentence: "Yas girl, drag him!"



What we thought it meant: The past tense of wake

What it actually means: A state of being aware and informed about current events or social injustice. 

Used in a sentence: "You need to catch up on the news and stay woke." (Sorry, grammar nazis.)



What we thought it meant: One of the five taste sensations

What it actually means: Being angry, upset, or bitter

Used in a sentence: "I didn't get the promotion, so I'm a little salty about it."


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