10 Things Only a Non-Morning Person Would Understand

Who said that people should be up the same time as the sun, anyway?


(SPOT.ph) Non-morning people are often misunderstood. You have a bad rep for being night owls and party animals but in reality you just really want to hibernate. You have a hard time following the norm that people should wake up the same time as the sun (or even earlier). Here are 10 things those who hate waking up early would understand.



Your morning habit is to just keep snoozing.

When you hate waking up, you’ve got to snooze that alarm to death. Your alarms usually read: 5:00, 5:05, 5:10...Next thing you know, you're almost late.



Coffee is your BFF.

Because waking up early is like rising from the grave, you try to be as awake as possible. Solution? Caffeine! Coffee is not a luxury for us sleepyheads, it’s a need.




You always miss out on the breakfast menu.

Yes, you love the idea of pancakes and bacon and all things breakfast but waking up late means you miss all its glory. Too bad it’s served only until 10 a.m.



That morning jog is just a fantasy.

You’ve heard about tales of people getting up at 6 a.m. for a morning jog or walking the dog. The concept is tempting and you’d like to be down for it but your body clock just says no.




You stay away from morning commitments

Morning appointments are always a struggle. You try to avoid meetings or classes in the morning because you know yourself and your lack of early morning productivity.




You’re used to being called names.

Perhaps being called lazy is the only thing more annoying than waking up early. PSA: Having a hard time getting up does not equate to laziness. Blame it on the body clock.




Getting ready in the morning is a struggle.

The simplest things like brushing your teeth or putting on shoes takes you ages. And don't even mention putting on makeup. Everything is just a mess when you'd rather sleep in. 



Mornings make a meaner version out of you.

Most people you know tend to stay away from you in the mornings because they know how cranky you can be. They might have suffered from your early morning wrath once or twice.

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Zombie is your aesthetic before 10 a.m.

A zombie with a coffee at hand is your go-to aesthetic because sleeping in is your number-one priority. Ensemble includes: messy hair, dark under eyes, and slow paces.



People keep telling you to “just sleep early.”

You can’t even count how many times people have told you to just sleep early. Oh, how you wish it were just that easy. Whether we sleep early or late, waking up is the problem here people!

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