10 Ridiculous Ways to End Up on @PassengerShaming

Like bringing a kangaroo on board.


(SPOT.ph) Traveling can sometimes be inconvenient especially if you can’t afford to fly business class. It doesn’t help (at all) if the one seated beside you doesn’t seem to care that his foot is on your armrest.


Social media account Passenger Shaming rounds up some of the most awful examples of passenger behavior to be caught on camera. It was created in 2013 with the mission to "stop the madness" and shame passengers who just don't get it.


We list down the most ridiculous ones. Careful not to do them, unless you want to be shamed!



Hand your baby's soiled diaper to the flight attendant.

It doesn't make it okay even if you put it in a glass.



Watch porn 39,000 feet above sea level.

Just no, grandpa. Please.



Stick your chewed gum on the seats.

Chewing game helps with the change in altitude. But can we be civilized here?




Pass around a huge dick.

Or, at least, an inflatable version of it.



Release a big black tarantula.

Why would you even bring one on a flight unless you plan on freeing it into the great wild?



Leave your used pregnancy test kit lying around.

Did you just board the plane and told yourself "Oh, I think I'm pregnant"?



Go all-out acrobatic.

The seats recline for a reason.



Pee in the sink.

Gross, man! You do know there’s a toilet beside it, right?



Change into pajamas on the aisle.

It's a long flight. But still!



Bring a kangaroo aboard.

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Is that your pet??


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