How to Deal With a Typo, According to The DDS Style Guide

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( Proofreading, which is the practice of examining text carefully to find any potential errors before publishing and printing, is very important in journalism. Actually, it's important in real life, too. Ask Steve Harvey. Also, ask the Yahoo Finance social media manager.

But let’s face it, no one is perfect and we all make mistakes. So here are a few DDS Style Guide-recommended ways to ease your way out of the situation, should you find yourself confronted with a typo that you've somehow missed. Which then ends up printed on banners that have been put up everywhere.




Cover it up with blue ink

Hide the wrong letter by filling it with the same color as the background. Never mind that the permanent marker is a shade lighter. Never mind that the letters end up having a big space in between them. 



Blur during post-production

Careful not to blur out the letters beside it. You can also pixelize, add glitter, or add an emoji because video editing is the best.



Cut out the wrong letter

Grab a trusty pair of scissors or a sharp knife and “delete” the wrong letter. If you don't see it, it's not there. CTRL+X (a.k.a. cut) and it'll all be gone.



Invent a new word

If all else fails, you can just coin a new word. Language, after all, is dynamic. You can even try to have it published by Merriam Webster or Oxford. 

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