10 Packing Problems We All Know Too Well

What the pack?


(SPOT.ph) Without a doubt, traveling is one of the greatest pleasures life has to offer. Packing for said travels? Not so much. Before getting to enjoy the breathtaking views from your hotel suite's balcony and taking a sip of your mojito, you'll first need to suffer through the challenge of packing your luggage. Once you get through that, well...then you have to think of how to pack for your trip back home.




Overthinking your things-to-pack list

You've booked your flight and your hotel room, now the only thing left to do is to narrow down the things you'll need to take with you. Simple, right? Of course. Until you actually have to decide exactly which two pairs of shoes to bring, or how many times you think you'd wear that pair of shorts, or whether you'll really need that favorite denim jacket that you know you look great in but would probably be too much for a beach trip...


Having to pack at the very last minute

So you convinced yourself there's no need to rush and that you can start packing your bag later. Well, it's now five hours before your flight and you're still scrambling around your room, throwing things into your suitcase and praying it will all work out. And then you find yourself having to sleep in the hotel robe because you forgot to pack pajamas. 


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Sacrificing your #aesthetic for practicality

Compromise is essential to the art of packing—of course you'd want to look effortlessly put-together in your travel photos, but it's more important to consider logistics like weather and limited luggage space first. And although you keep this in mind while putting your trusty but decidedly Siargao-inappropriate Doc Martens back in your closet, your inner self can't help but weep just a teeny bit.


Going through the hassle of traveling with liquids

There's nothing worse than having to repack a week's worth of skincare into those pesky travel-sized plastic bottles, except maybe finding out that your favorite bottle of perfume spilled all over your luggage.



The attack of the black suitcases at baggage claim

Yup, you should have followed your instincts and bought that glaringly bright suitcase cover.


Forgetting to pack that one thing you swore you'd bring

You made a list and went through every single item twice, so you can relax because you surely packed everything...right? Except your phone charger, it appears. Of all things to leave behind during a trip it had to be that. Because sure, there's merit in going off the grid while on vacay, but how are you going to find your way around without Google Maps?




Realizing that you overpacked...again

"It's better to be safe than sorry," you say as you stuff a fifth coat into your luggage. Of course you only needed one—and you didn't need a dozen pairs of socks or two pairs of legwarmers, either. So now here you are, with no space left at all in your check-in bag for those hard-to-find books you couldn't put down. Maybe you could keep two in your handbag and start reading the third?


Alternatively, realizing that you packed too light.

Hurray, you were finally able to pack light this time around! Except maybe you packed a little too light, and you now know what sweaty thrice-worn cotton T-shirts smell like. Hey, at least it's an excuse to start shopping (admit it: you've worn a shirt straight out of the store)!




Thinking about how to even begin repacking everything

"If I did it once, I can do it again," you tell yourself after your nth attempt at another clothes-folding technique. How it's impossible to fit exactly the same items you packed the first time around in the same bag escapes you. And really: is there some sort of phenomenon that makes used clothes heavier and bulkier? You're folding them the exact same way you did when they were clean!


Being forced to leave pasalubong at the airport

Despite your best attempts to plead your case, the lady at the check-in counter still insists on charging you excess baggage fees for the two excess pounds of pasalubong you bought for your friends and co-workers. It's hard to decide what's worse: having to dispose of those bags of chocolate you bought, or knowing you'll feel the need to buy sweets again once you get to the duty-free shops.


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