10 Classic Pinoy Memes That Perfectly Capture Going to the Beach This Summer

Because there's a meme for any situation.

(SPOT.ph) Memes make the Internet so much more fun. Despite not having much in the way of words, they somehow manage to communicate so much and make everyone laugh thanks to a smattering of various pop culture references. But what's truly amazing about memes is how they can be applied to any given situation—here are 10 of them that illustrate how your planned beach vacay this summer is gonna go.



When it's the Friday before your trip and you're still stuck in the office, itching to leave Manila:



Isn't this why you planned this trip in the first place? After months filled with countless reports, irritating coworkers, and an endless string of deadlines, it's official—you need a break.


When it's five hours before your flight and you're just about to pack your bag:



We know, last-minute packing can be a real pain in the butt. But now's the time to channel your inner Janina San Miguel and confidently dive head-first into this stress-filled situation.



When you're about to board your plane and the person in front of you in line isn't moving:



Unlike Miss Bulgaria, you're probably not feeling very supportive right now—just hella cranky. Although normally you would sympathize with the confusion of an airport's call-to-board process, you can't understand why this guy just won't move.


When you finally get to the beach on a long weekend:



You didn't want to use up any of your allotted leaves, so you and your friends were glad to book your trip on a three-day long weekend. Thing is, you didn't expect that the entire Metro Manila population would think of doing the same thing.

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When you're having second thoughts about leaving the hotel room in your swimsuit:



That bright blue bikini looked so cute the first time you saw it at the mall. But now, those two cups of rice you had last night leave you wondering if you should use your bed's duvet as a cover-up. In the end, body positivity still wins!



When you get to the beach proper and see a smorgasbord of thirst traps:



You knew people would be scantily clad on the beach, but you weren't expecting said people to be this attractive. For better or worse, everyone who passes by is just so avail.


When you're having a good time but then you remember how much work you have waiting for you back home:




All your friends are having a grand time enjoying the surf and sun, but one wandering thought back to that late report you forgot to file and you're suddenly a puddle of anxieties.


When you see how many likes and comments your beach photos are getting on Instagram:



You know that basing your self-worth on your social media isn't healthy, but seeing the sheer number of likes on your travel photos make you feel just a bit giddy inside.


When you wake up hungover and your friends all hate you for making them babysit drunk you last night:



We get it, you needed to relax and unwind (thanks to a couple of tequila shots). Still, there's no excuse for puking at every step of the walk back to the hotel room, leaving your friends left to clean up the mess.


When it's the end of your trip and you're feeling relaxed and energized:




There's nothing like a great beach trip with your friends to get you back at peak performance in the office, and we bet you're counting down the days until your next vacay!


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