10 Things Only Those Addicted to Instagram Stories Will Understand

Keeping your stories game on point isn't easy.

ILLUSTRATOR Grace Marcellana

(SPOT.ph) Nowadays, if a life event wasn’t posted on social media, did it really happen? In 2011, Snapchat allowed users to post photos and videos called "snaps" that disappeared after a short time. Instagram added a similar feature in 2016, named Instagram Stories. It was kind of sneaky but undeniably effective—suddenly, you could create and watch videos showing mundane moments in yours and everyone else's lives, complete with GIFs, sparkly fonts, and funny stickers. But sometimes it can be more work than you bargained for, as these 10 situations prove.


Retaking a “candid” video several times

“Livelier this time,” you tell your 12-year-old niece as you make her blow out the candles on her birthday cake for the umpteenth time. Hey, the perfect Boomerang doesn’t come easy. Of course, you tell her to avoid looking directly at the camera so it doesn’t look staged.

Waiting for someone you like to view your story

ILLUSTRATOR Grace Marcellana
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As if dating wasn’t hard enough, dating in the digital age can get extra challenging. Instead of waiting for him to call like you would have done in the old days, you now wait to see if he cares enough to click on your story and see how you’ve been doing.

Spending too much effort on making your stories look nice

You’ve just about downloaded every app you can to level up your Stories game, yet you’re never content. It’s one thing to want your posts to look #aesthetic, but it’s quite another to be on the verge of a panic attack from all the typeface choices and potential color combos.

The inevitable #FOMO while browsing through your friends’ stories

ILLUSTRATOR Grace Marcellana

Of course, nobody enjoys feeling left out. And although you’re pleased to see your college friends having a great time in Poblacion, you can’t stop wondering why they didn’t ask you to join them.

Risking going over your data limit

It may suck not being able to share your night exploits in real time, but waiting for WiFi is the smart choice. You wouldn’t want to suffer a heart attack while checking out your next phone bill, would you?

IG Story time eating away at quality time with friends

ILLUSTRATOR Grace Marcellana

Nowadays, it seems like every reunion dinner starts with a group selfie, with the next 45 minutes spent editing and preparing said selfie for posting.

Accidentally viewing the story of someone you don’t like

In Instagram, there are the people that you actually wanted to follow, and those you followed out of courtesy. And when these people pop up on your Stories queue, you exit right away lest you risk getting annoyed. (Thank god for the Mute function!)

The discomfort when your friends overshare

ILLUSTRATOR Grace Marcellana

You know it’s not a good sign when you see the dashes on top of your friend’s Stories turn into little dots. You’re definitely for exercising self-love and all, but maybe a string of 10 consecutive selfies is a tad too overboard.

Not having a life "interesting enough" to document

The great thing about Instagram Stories is that it lets you live vicariously through other people’s lives and stay updated on their adventures partying on the beach, backpacking through Europe, or climbing mountains. But how could you not feel inadequate when you share a photo of your morning latte yet again?

Becoming heavily invested in the lives of people you follow

Let’s face it: Instagram Stories are the modern-day soap opera. What show is more engrossing than watching your coworker’s Sunday brunch featuring her cute older brother, or your cousin’s adventurous weekend shopping trip?


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