The Font You Love to Hate Might Actually Save You

Y'all know which font we're talking about.


(SPOT.ph2018 is coming to an end and the new year is looking to be a promising one for, well, the font Comic Sans. You know this font, of course, and you probably cringe whenever you see it being used. There's just something about the way the letters look that doesn't sit right with a lot of people, but for reasons only the universe can understand, Twitter users are saying using Comic Sans is actually boosting their productivityand it might just be true. 


The "Comic Sans magic" is getting reactions that's equal parts awestruck and confused. It's particularly popular among aspiring writers who saw the original tweet about the claim. Skeptical about the font and its effectivity (because, really, Comic Sans?), people who have been struggling with their writing tried it and got surprising results.

Comic Sans: *laughs victoriously*

Does... does it really?

We're cringing (but thoroughly impressed).

What other explanation could there be?

The only thing more impressive than writing 6,300 words in Comic Sans is the fact that they lived to tell the tale.

The only plausible explanation.

It's hard to tell whether there's real science behind the success or not. There is, after all, a 2010 study from Princeton University that claims it's easier to retain information if they're written in hard-to-read fonts like Comic Sans. Or maybe it's the placebo effect and just that.

In any case, we found a Tweet we're sure you can relate to right now:

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