Let's Discuss: What's Up With the Way Larry Gadon Wears His Mask?

We try our best to make sense of his, well, unique reasoning.


(SPOT.ph) Today in lawyers and their damn loopholes, we discuss Attorney Larry Gadon and his face mask—which yes, he wears per quarantine restrictions. Except that it's taped to his face shield. Pictures of the lawyer out in public wearing the super combo of a face shield and mask (in his special way) made waves online over the weekend, and it looks like he's sticking by his unique method.


"In my case, the mask is only for show because stores will not allow entry if you don't have mask," he was quoted as saying by Inquirer.net. "I don't believe in mask (sic) outdoors," he added, explaining that they are "good for small enclosed places like elevators or small conference rooms." Face shields, on the other hand, are okay by the lawyer's standards. 

The lawyer argued that he went to almost 20 COVID-19 facilities from April to May to donate to frontliners and he did not get the disease. "If mask is really effective, how come there are more than 100,000 people afflicted with COVID? And more than 2,000 dead victims?" he apparently said.

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Face masks, along with constant hand washing and physical distancing, are part of the minimum health standards under the quarantine. They are used to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 thanks to their droplet-blocking qualities and their effectivity at doing so has been scientifically proven. While we can't say that we follow Gadon's line of reasoning, it's clear a lot of folks online had things to say, even dubbing it a "hover mask."


You might remember Larry Gadon as that guy who shouted "Mga bobo!" at the supporters of then Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno in 2018 during her impeachment trial—with clips of the incident becoming memes. He then ran a failed electoral bid for a senatorial seat in 2019 on an, interestingly enough, "anti-bobo" campaign.

We get that masks can be a slight inconvenience, and the simple act of wearing one may seem like it has no point when the numbers continue to rise with every passing day—but hey, if wearing one (properly) decreases the rate of the infection's spread by even just 0.000001% then we're taking it. Still, we thought we'd imagine some possible reasons behind this so-called "hover mask,"—and why it really shouldn't be a thing.

  • His real mask is actually invisible so he needs one taped to the shield just for show
  • It's a new way to make sure he remembers to bring it when he goes out
  • Instead of putting it in his pocket when not needed, he puts it in front of his face
  • He was trying reverse psychology to get people to wear masks
  • "Hover masks" make properly worn masks look 10 times cooler
  • If you squint hard enough, it's an ironic information campaign

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