These Airplane Edits Are Giving Us Ridiculous Travel Goals

"Photoshop God" Huy Quan Hoa is on another level of hilarious.

( For sure you've seen it by now. Those crazy clean, super convincing edits of a (mostly) topless Asian guy putting himself in movies like the Avengers, Godzilla, Charlie's Angels (2019), and a whole lot more. The pics have made waves on social media and we're here to finally put a name to the face. This so-called "god of Photoshop" is actually a Vietnamese graphic designer named Huy Xuân Mai, a.k.a. Huy Quan Hoa!


Yup, that's him receiving a kiss on the cheek from Taylor Swift—thanks to his extreme editing skills, that is. The artist has made headlines in Vietnamese and it looks like his photos have been a huge hit on social media. How many times have you been tagged on his awesome creations?

But before Mai's pictures even started circulating the Internet, we're pretty sure you've already seen his face. If he somehow looked familiar to you, that's because he's the same guy from that that airplane video that reached practically every corner of social media near the start of the quarantine in March. Not sure what we're talking about? Check it out:

watch now

Remember when we were all still adjusting to staying at home as much as possible and people started coping by editing themselves into travel pics? Well he was that one guy who took things to a completely different level.

Mai is currently in his early 30s and works in advertising, according to Vietnamese site Zing News. He started learning how to use Photoshop in his 20s—mostly because the girl he liked knew how and he wanted to impress her. Now, he is a well-known Photoshop master and leads several online groups of fellow enthusiasts.


And since we're still dreaming of the day we can travel again, we round up some of his most hilarious airplane edits below. Fair warning, you won't be allowed to do the same thing in real life.



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