The Best of 100 Cutest Men

It rained men all year on! Here, an eye-candy extravaganza from the male species.

Last year, indulged in your No.1 guilty pleasure and came out with a number of just-for-fun lists that enumerated the cutest, hottest, and sexiest men on this side of the planet. Now, we give you the mother of all lists to pore over--see the 100 men who tickled our fancies in 2010.



Top 10 Cutest TV Newsmen in the Philippines lists 10 of the cutest TV newsmen in the country.




Top 10 Cutest Pinoy Tycoons lists the top tycoons who can lead us into temptation.





Top 10 Cutest Chefs in Manila
Who takes the cake as the cutest chefs in town? We list our Top 10.





Top 10 Cutest Male DJs
Today’s live video streaming trend for radio shows means more telegenic DJs. Here, our top picks.





10 Sexiest Pinoy Rock Frontmen
We list the sexiest frontmen of Pinoy rock bands.





Top 10 Most Eligible Filipino Bachelors
No, not all the good Pinoy guys are married...yet. lists 10 of the most eligible Pinoy bachelors.





10 Cutest Guys in Philippine Politics
Simple brainless fun to distract you from the post-election fallout: We list 10 Pinoy politicians who are easy on the eyes.




Who’s Your Daddy? Top 10 Pinoy DILFs
The hottest celebrity dads aged 40 and up that we’d like to...f..awn over.





All the President’s Men: 10 Cutest Guys in Gloria’s Government
We concede to the public clamor for cuteness. lists the cutest men in President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s administration.  Was there enough eye candy for the president?




Top 10 Telegenic Bad Boys
Crime doesn’t pay and looks can be deceiving. But what happens when a law-breaker looks so darn good, you forget that he may be a dangerous criminal?






Artwork by Warren Espejo.

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