Anatomy of a Fresh Graduate

An illustrated guide for facing the real world

( This is it. You've officially entered "the real world"—the world you've heard so much about, the world you've been working so hard for all these years. You just graduated, and you're probably traveling the world with a happy heart—until you have to fill out immigration forms that ask for your occupation. You're not a student anymore, yet you're not working, either. The reality? You've entered the bittersweet realm of unemployment. After that bit of fun, you start applying for jobs, and once you're called in for an interview, you know things are about to get real.


As a fresh graduate entering the real world, you want to stand out...You have to stand out. You want to be prepared. So you equip yourself with extra copies of your CV, ID photos, et cetera, and voila: You no longer look like a student. You've graduated.




Art by Jet Joson (graduate) and Warren Espejo (text)

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