10 Times Teddyboy Locsin Completely Lost His Chill

Looks like he's all fired up on Twitter.


(SPOT.ph) Teodoro "Teddyboy" Locsin Jr., a politician, lawyer, and journalist, is known for his eloquence, one that could easily make the unprepared debater cry. "He had always flown the flag for free speech, and believing in free speech means defending the right of other people to say things you disagree with, even if they make you sick," former mentee Jessica Zafra pointed out in a satirical obituary supposedly directed at Locsin. President Rodrigo Duterte appointed him in September as the new Philippine Ambassador to the United Nations, a position he gladly accepted.


The cultured intellectual has made headlines for posting controversial statements on his Twitter account (@teddyboylocsin). These 140-character churns include: "Tagalog should be discouraged. So long, so bullshitty, so useless a tongue for debate." (March 20); "I believe that the drug menace is so big it needs a Final Solution like the Nazis adopted. That I believe. No rehab." (August 22); and "You may find this hard to believe but the Nazis were not all wrong, give or take killing millions of the wrong people. Keep an open mind.” (August 24). Several Twitter users have replied to Locsin's comments with disbelief and anger, and it looks like he's not one to back down from the online arguments.



Here are 10 examples of the UN Ambassador's explosive tweets, in less than 24 hours. (Author’s note: Bleep censor ours.)


"Ah, shut the f*** up, you fat bitch." —referring to Sen. Leila de Lima



"Hija de puta, my mom was part Spanish Jew so I'm part of The Chosen People; explains why I am smart and you monkeys stupid." —when someone called him out for saying "Nazis were not all wrong"



"I will remember you, you f*** face. Find this guy, and make his life hell."—when someone noticed that he deleted one of his controversial tweets



"And you guys are mature? With your melodrama?" —when someone questioned his maturity

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"Oh, God, you moron." —when someone pointed out that his "historical revisionism is even worse than that of (former Ku Klux Klan leader) David Duke."



"LOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSERRRRRRRRR." —when he seemed like he has had enough



"Sadly that shows you are an idiot." —when someone said he's beginning to sound like Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo



"Go f*** a duck." —when someone told him to take it easy



"Yes, you f***ing shit, I get a hold of you and I will shove de Lima up your ass."—when someone called him a "douche lord"



"I will continue to f***, you ugly f*** faces."—when someone asked what happened to him



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