#BiTwitter was the self-love party the bi community needed

Filipino bisexuals included.


(SPOT.ph) The Philippine Internet of Things caught the tail-end of a most-welcome (and trending!) Twitter party via the #BiTwitter hashtag on March 30: Bisexuals all over the world so-very-casually took to their accounts to celebrate themselves, gracing feeds with selfies upon selfies—to announce their very existence, to declare their very selves. So many beautiful people blessing a hashtag, so suave, so jaunty and cool, so brave in their nonchalance.



Each member of the fantastically diverse and delightfully fluid alphabet soup of queer identities faces its own brand of discrimination from a hostile-by-default world, but bisexuals have historically faced a unique kind of questioning: Is bisexuality even real?




Isn’t this just a phase within a phase? (No.) Aren’t you just confused about being confused? (No.) Aren’t you just experimenting? (No.) Aren’t you just gay? (No.) Aren’t you just a straight person crushing really hard on someone? (No.) Are you just doing this for the attention? (No.) If a tree falls in a forest and nobody's around to hear it, are you more straight or are you more gay? (Urgh.)




It’s odd, really, because it’s fairly simple: If you’re attracted to both men and women, then you’re bisexual. No need to nitpick the ratio of attraction, as critics of bi folk tend to do. You know how it goes: “I like my women like I like my men… That’s it. That’s the joke. I am bisexual.”






In a culture where queer folk constantly struggle for both identification and validation and representation, bisexuals swarming the Internet—on their own terms and of their own agency—is a peek into a happy, heart-warming, heart-bursting movement.

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And. To our bi bbs who took to the hashtag and who could not bring themselves to announce their sexuality just yet: Please know that we are all rooting for all you darlings, and you are very much welcome to join us any time you please. There’s enough love to go around.


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