10 Fun Road-Trip Games That Would Make Even Traffic Bearable

No apps, no pen, no paper, no problem.


(SPOT.ph) Technology has made it easier to amuse ourselves during extremely boring situations such as waiting in line at the bank or sitting through terrible traffic. From gaming apps to data plan-powered web surfing, you’ve got entertainment at your fingertips.


And since most of you are probably going a road trip this Holy Week—and expect to be stuck in worse traffic—it’s especially useful to have apps handy. But what if you drained your phone battery and left your power bank at home? Or maybe the signal is really bad? Or heck, you just want to have real human interaction with your travel buddies! Then just kick it old-school and play some fun indoor games while you’re stuck in the car.




I Spy

We spend most of our looking out the car window (with bonus emoting) that we might as well have fun with it.


How to play: Say “I spy with my little eye...” then mention an object from outside and describe it without divulging the item.




The Pagong Game


Because there are so many vintage VW Beetles vrooming around in our country that it deserves to have a game. (You can also switch to a different type of car!)


How to play: Look out the window and keep your eyes peeled for the familiar VW Bug and once you spot one say, “Pagong + (Color of the car)” Example: “Pagong, red!”



Name That Tune

Add a bit of a challenge to your regular sound-tripping.


How to play: Take turns blasting the first few bars of a song from your online playlist and make the others guess the song.





Telephone, a.k.a. Pass the Message

Remember this children’s game that was a mainstay during recess or slumber parties? Bonus points for helping build our communication skills with other peeps.


How to play: The first player whispers a message to the person beside them. Then everyone else just keeps passing along the message until the last person receives it. This final player shall reveal the message and see if they got it right. (Unless you're stuck in traffic, maybe leave out the one who’s doing the driving to avoid an accident.)



Fortunately / Unfortunately

A fun situational game that helps you see the pros and cons in any predicament.


How to play: The first player says, “Fortunately...” then talks about a positive situation. (Fortunately, I found one last piece of chocolate in the fridge.) The next person adds to it by saying, “Unfortunately,” mentioning a negative effect of the previous sentence. (Unfortunately, the chocolate is already expired.) And hey, you can even localize it by saying switching to “Buti na lang...” and “Kaya lang...





I’m Going On A Picnic

How many kinds of food can you name off the top of your head? Find out in this alphabet-based memory game. Warning: Playing this game on an empty stomach might make you hungry for an actual meal.


How to play: Start by saying, ”I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing...” and then mention food that starts with the letter “A.” Then, the next person must repeat the line, adding food starting with “B.” And so on and so forth until you complete the alphabet.




Passenger Story Time

Strengthen your storytelling and observational skills and let your imagination run wild. Find out if you have the potential to be an engaging speaker.


How to play: Scope out a random car outside and make up the most entertaining story about the passengers inside based on what you can see. The one who tells the most plausible and convincing story wins! (Just don’t stare at them too long because that might get creepy.)





Word Association

Sharpen your mind and find out how creative you can get with connecting words.


How to play: Start with a word; the next person says another word that’s related to the previous one. You have to stay in theme because if you say a word that’s too far off, you lose! Example: Video games, playground, sports, et cetera.



Would You Rather?

What’s better than making up difficult situations that would make everyone go mad with option paralysis.


How to play: Give two ideal situations where one must choose to do one or the other. (Example: Would you rather have the ability to conjure any kind pizza or have the recipe for the best pizza in the world?) You just have to know what your friends/family member’s interests are so you can ramp up the difficulty.





Two Truths And A Lie

This indoor game is a great way to get to know each other and form a closer bond. Also, to weed out what is real and what is not. Very relevant in this day and age of fake news and #alternativefacts.


How to play: Each person has to make three statements about themselves and one has to be a lie. The person beside them must guess which one is fake.


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