10 Strange Superstitions From Lola

May the odds be ever in your favor as you follow these lola-approved beliefs.


(SPOT.ph) Every so often, majority of Pinoys make a pilgrimage to the province to see relatives including your beloved lola. Paying her a visit means hearing many great stories about the past and of course, superstitious warnings. While we know she means well, it kind of scared the stuffing out of us as kids.


We relive the mixed feelings of horror, wonder, and confusion that we get from listening to Filipino beliefs passed from generation to generation. Read all about these classic pamahiin below.




If you’re exploring a forest, make sure to wear your shirt backwards so you don’t lose your way.

Does it work like a compass with your collar always facing north? Who knows! Doesn’t hurt to give it a shot and make a unique fashion statement.



On Good Friday, collect a droplet from a banana tree’s heart. This will serve as an agimat that will give you superpowers when consumed.

But before you succeed, you must fight off a tikbalang and kapre first. Reciting a specific incantation can also strengthen the agimat’s potency.




Don’t sleep with your feet facing the door because that would invite the death inside.

Facing the door will make it easier for the Grim Reaper to grab your feet and drag you down the underworld. So, make sure to maneuver before you go into deep slumber.



Don’t leave the house on the eve of your birthday to prevent bad luck.


Well-wishers should go out of their way to visit you instead. Sounds like a good reason to host a house party.




When giving a wallet or bag as a gift, remember to include money inside.

Leaving it empty will ensure financial ruin for the receiver. Drop in some coins or paper bills to give them good fortune. This belief makes sense since by doing so, you’ll be adding to their stash of cash.



Each grain of rice you leave on the plate is equivalent to the number of pimples that will appear on your face.

There are many Filipino superstitions surrounding the consumption of rice. Our elders are bent on making us finish our plate of food. It’s no wonder that we, as a nation, have the tendency to carbo-load on rice.





Don’t play in the garden after 5 p.m. because duwende will appear and capture you.

Similarly, pointing at anthills or mounds of dirt will alert the aforementioned supernatural beings because that’s where they usually live.



The witching hour is 3 a.m. so don’t talk about supernatural beings or else you might attract them.

Because nobody enjoys being talked about behind their backs, right? Plus, all that yapping will pinpoint your location.




A pregnant woman must cover herself fully under a blanket during a solar eclipse so that her baby won’t have a dark mark on the face.

This is probably not the Harry Potter kind of mark. Also, Filipino folklore talks about a lot of supernatural things going down during such a phenomenon.



Scratching your wound will make a decapitated priest come out of there (yes, we mean the wound) and haunt you.

We’re not sure how legit this is but at least it’s sound beauty advice because scratching can lead to scarring.



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