Scenes From the Streets During SONA 2017

Photos from outside Batasan during Duterte's second SONA

( It is a well-known fact that during the annual State of the Nation Address, whoever the current president may be, various groups descend upon Quezon City to air their grievances against the government and deliver their take on what the real state of the nation is like. This year, much like every year, the criticisms and complaints were many and varied, with people taking the president to task over the ongoing drug war, the crisis in Marawi, and martial law in Mindanao. There were also groups who protested against the phase-out of jeepneys, pushing for rehabilitation instead, as well as those who sought higher salaries for teachers and those who made a plea for land to be distributed to farmers. Here are a few things we spotted on the road leading to Batasan.


Endo or contractualization continues, and so do the protests against the practice.



A member of Anakbayan talks to a small group about the unfair distribution of land and land-owning oligarchs.



A wall of blue



Martsa ng Hindi Makapag-martsa, an art installation by Block Marcos, featuring shoes to represent Filipinos who have been killed in the past year



Protest signs waiting to be wielded







And of course, a burning effigy



An Anakbayan member talking about education and the problem with the K-12 system with a group of children



Wherever you go, Jollibee will always be there.



Reminding us of important issues...



...and ones we shouldn’t just drop.


Photos by Lynn Lopez

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