This Is the Most Popular Jose Mari Chan Christmas Song According to Google

Even if it's been 27 years since its release.

( A dusty parol unearthed from the depths of your attic? Check. Running high on caffeine to collect stickers for a planner? Check. Spending non-existent 13th month pay on huge sales and bazaars? Double check. Nonstop Jose Mari Chan on the radio and in malls? Yup—Christmas is officially here. 


Well, according to Google, it was already here before Halloween even happened. Analytics from Google Trends show that searches for Christmas immediately spiked on the very first day of September—and so did searches for the popular Filipino-Chinese Christmas singer, especially his song, "Christmas In Our Hearts." But you probably guessed that already.




It was bound to happen given how many memes popped up comparing him to Jon Snow and even Santa himself. But among the many songs that have been flooding your ears since the -Ber months started, “Christmas in Our Hearts” is apparently also in our search boxes



In an interview, Chan explains the appeal behind his forever-hit song. "The secret of Christmas songs that endure is that it appeals to all ages. A good marriage of words and music. The lyrics and melodies are compatible, easy to the ear and they carry the message of Christmas," he says.


While it was released almost three decades ago, the song will definitely still be a top hit every time Christmas (or September, to be exact) comes around.


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