10 Hugot Lines From Dear Universe That Will Give You the Feels

The Heartbreak Diaries author Pierra Calasanz-Labrador now has a second collection of bittersweet poems.

(SPOT.ph) Love and loss are probably the most common and relatable themes in practically every art form—from film to musicals, from paintings to poetry. For Pierra Calasanz-Labrador’s second collection titled Dear Universe, she weaves together verses on love, longing, and “finding your place in the cosmos.” It also takes a peek into an introvert’s thoughts, a lover’s wishes and fears, and someone's quiet voice—as if looking into a secret diary. Dear Universe was released by Anvil Publishing's Spark Books on April 27, with an audio book recorded by TV host Joyce Pring that comes out this May.





Here are 10 excerpts that will give you all the feels.



“I’ll know I’ve found The One

When I slip my hand into his

And soar like a kite

While happily tethered



—excerpt from Dear Universe



“You took my hand,

meaning to squeeze it for a second

but somehow you held on,

maintaining a grasp as long as our arms

would allow

as we began to walk away

in different directions.”

—excerpt from Intensity 10



“When the night descends

And the north wind comes

And lovers join

                to keep each other warm

I’ll wrap my arms

                around myself

And pretend you never left.”

—excerpt from When The Sky Is Red



“And so I couldn’t pull out my camera

Because I would look out of place

I didn’t want to remind you

I was only a tourist in your space.”

—excerpt from Fieldtrip



“Your persistence finally bewitched me

watch now


Somewhere between

The moment you picked up

With all your best intentions

And the goodnight kiss

That tasted like goodbye”

—excerpt from Charmed



“Too many minutes later, your voice drowned out

by the crowd,

talk turned to other matters;

                I let it pass,

and you let me go.”

—excerpt from Listen



“But even if you could be right

I can no longer hear you

As pride cuts in

And we both

Bleed out.


This is how we lose

Each other.”

—excerpt from War Games



“I’ve learned you only reach for me

when you can plead

temporary insanity.”

—excerpt from Recovery Food



“The biggest crowds only make me feel

Empty inside”

—excerpt from Torpe



“I’m still stuck

In the same place

Merely treading water.”

—excerpt from Dogpaddle



Dear Universe: Poems on Love, Longing and Finding Your Place in the Cosmos (Spark Books, 2018) is available at National Book Store, Powerbooks, and Anvil Publishing's website for P395. The digital audiobook is available through Amazon, Audible, Kobo, and iTunes.



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