Sneak Peek: Here's What You Can Expect at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

It officially opens tomorrow!

( No matter how many stories you hear about the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, you'll never really understand just how overwhelming it can be until you get there. We're talking about two million books (we repeattwo million!) all together in one place, so you can be sure even the most well-read bibliophile will have trouble taking it all in.

PHOTO BY Kevyn Tapnio

Whether you're a student, an office worker, or simply anyone looking to score great reads, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale will keep its doors open for you at the World Trade Center any time of the day during its 11-day run. You read that right: It will be open 24 hours every day from February 22 to March 4, so everyone can get the chance to shop for books!

PHOTO BY Kevyn Tapnio

That's not even the best part yet: All books come at affordable prices, with discounts starting at 50% off up to 90% offeven bigger than last year's 80%, so don't be surprised if you see people lugging around a year's worth of reads after browsing the stacks of books.

To help you get the most of your visit to the book fair, we're here to show you everything you can expect, so you can properly gear up for it!

Get ready for a lot of books (And we mean a lot)

Books are divided between fiction and non-fiction titles, and further categorized according to genre.
PHOTO BY Kevyn Tapnio
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Everything is categorized according to genre, so browsing will be a breeze. It might be a little difficult to look for exact titles because some of the books seem to be arranged at random, but who knows? You might end up picking up other great finds from authors like George R. R. Martin (who wrote the novels where Game of Thrones was adapted from),  Patrick Ness (Knife of Never Letting Go), Sarah Shepard (Pretty Little Liars), Jojo Moyes (Me Before You), Matthew Quick (Silver Linings Playbook) and more!


Bring eco-bags... or, y'know, a whole luggage

Don't be surprised to see people walking around with eco and luggage bags.
PHOTO BY Kevyn Tapnio
You can expect titles from well-known authors like Rick Riordan.
PHOTO BY Kevyn Tapnio
Get this hard-bound copy of award-winning author Helen Oyeyemi for only P230.
PHOTO BY Kevyn Tapnio
You can score great reads for every genre. Fans of mystery and fantasy can get a copy of Silver and Blood by Jessica Day George for only P230.
PHOTO BY Kevyn Tapnio
Don't be surprised to find award-winning books among the stacks!
PHOTO BY Kevyn Tapnio

With majority of the books priced below P250 (the hardbound copies are a steal!), we're sure you won't be able to resist grabbing every interesting title you see. Make sure you can carry all your purchases home without too much of a hassle by bringing extra bags.


Don't come on an empty stomach

Food and drinks aren't allowed in the hall. Make sure you've eaten so you have the energy to look around. Trust us: You'll need every bit of energy you can get.

Wear something comfortable

You can't return or exchange books, so you better be sure about what you're getting before heading to the cashier.
PHOTO BY Kevyn Tapnio

Come in your most comfy footwear, especially since you'll be doing a lot of walking. You might also want to dress casually, too. Since there won't be seats inside, you can opt to sit on the floor when your legs can't take it anymore or when you're doing an inventory of all the books you picked up.

No cash? No problem!

They accept cards (Mastercard, Visa, and JCB), so you can shop to your heart's content even without cash on-hand.

No need to carry around your new books all day

Can you imagine carrying all these books around the mall all day? You can leave them with the staff and pick them up before heading home instead. 
PHOTO BY Kevyn Tapnio

If you have other activities planned for the day, you can actually leave your purchased books with the book fair's customer service and pick them up later within the day. Just let them know what time you'll be coming back and don't forget to give them your contact details.

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