PSA: Grab Now Has a Special Service for You And Your Furry Friends

GrabPet is here for your furbabies!

( We know just how hard it is to leave your pets behind. There's nothing more painful than shutting the front door while they look at you with big, pleading eyes—complete with soft whimpering—as the word "traitor" flashes in your mind. Guilt-tripping aside though, transport options in the Metro have always been pretty limited for our furry friends especially when you don't have your own car. A freshly launched service by Grab is here to help out: GrabPet lets you bring along your pet (or two) for the ride!

A screenshot of the app's guidelines. 

"GrabPet is a product made for passengers who wish to get around with their pets comfortable and conveniently," said Grab in their website. According to their statement, a GrabPet vehicle—which will use the same vehicles as the ones already in their six-seater service—should be equipped with three things: a pet kennel big enough for one large dog, two medium dogs, or two cats; a waterproof liner for the vehicle's rear area; and a pet barrier. All these are provided by Grab. 

These are Grab's initial rules for their GrabPet service. Grab

Grab also stated that driver-partners who want to become GrabPet drivers are required to join a training session on "basic pet-handling skills [to be led] by professional pet trainers." And for a little more peace of mind, your pets are automatically covered on the ride, too, by the company's insurance. The passenger will be responsible for the pets at all times, so please, hoomans, don't forget to make sure to leave the vehicle as clean as you entered it! 

A screenshot of the app's current services. GrabPet and Grab Family have noticeably higher price tags: Think it's worth it?
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Alongside GrabPet, the ride-hailing app has also rolled out GrabFamily, a six-seater vehicle that comes with a car seat for children from one to 12 years old, weighs between 15 to 36 kilograms, and is no taller than four feet and nine inches. GrabFamily cars also provide alcohol, baby wipes, emesis bag, and tissue box.

In April, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board amended a provision in a memorandum that allows pets in public utility vehicles.

Main image from StockSnap - Pixabay.

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